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  1. Kalicharan Introduction

    Thanks for the input Earl Grey!
  2. Kalicharan Introduction

    Hi, everyone! I am originally from the US but living in Australia now. I am an academic by trade but am taking a break from that at the moment. My wife and I are both striving for enlightenment but also do not necessarily know what we are doing! I am pretty new to Taoism. I have done a bit of study in Theravada Buddhism, Tibetan Mahayanist Buddhism, and advaita Hinduism (mostly Kaula and Trika tantra). I am not an expert in any of these areas, though. I am a devotee of Kali, but I recently developed an interest in Neikung after reading The Magus of Java. My wife and I just started a Chikung class last week; we are absolute beginners. My daily meditation practices are a focused attention meditation on mantra for an hour, followed by a microcosmic orbit meditation for another hour (for now, using audio from Spring Forest Qigong). If any of you would like to offer me any insights regarding points of similarity and difference between tantra and Taoist practices such as Chikung and Neikung, I would appreciate it. I would also appreciate resource recommendations pertaining to healing, immortality and enlightenment-oriented practices. I am sure there are many good resources and some bad ones out there; please feel free to share your favourites. I am in the Melbourne area; if you know teachers or healers in this area who have particularly good reputations, please tell me about them! Please also feel free to comment on my current meditation practices, e.g. if you have reason to think that this is not a good way to go about it.