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  1. Looking for some guidance

    My path has recently led me to taoism and qigong. I live in an area where finding guidance locally isnt an option so I'm having a hard time finding a decent place to start. Mainly looking for some book recommendations for taoism to start from the very beginning. I've found some links on the forum to handfuls of bools but what would be the best couple books to start with? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. New here. Looking for some guidance.

    I'm on the coast. Not too far from MS
  3. New here. Looking for some guidance.

    Hey my names caleb and new to the forum. Long story short I've had some serious medical issues the last few years. Some psychological issues. Western medicine didnt work for me and found my own path about April this year. This had led me to qigong and taoism recently. I live in south Alabama so finding someone to guide me in my area is non existent. looking for maybe books or just the right direction to start educating myself more on taoism. And maybe the right qigong routines. My path has led me to this and just trying to figure out where to go from here. Thanks in advanced for any help.