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  1. Side effects and Seokmun Breathing Meditation

    @Apech Thank you, and I fully understand what you mean. But actually, Seokmun is not my first meditation. 9 years ago, I tried one Taoism meditation to improve my poor health, only resulting in causing severe side-effects and making my condition even worse. After that, I met one teacher, and he helped me a lot to cure the side-effect. He himself had the experince of suffering from severe side-effects, so he knows much about how to erase them. And he tought me how to distinguish process of purification and side-effects. It seems that I am very susceptible to side-effects. My energy easily goes out of control. So during practice, I have to pay much more attention to prevent them than others. The problem is only few teachers can deal with this sensitive problem of side-effects and purification. I may be making mistakes framing the problem, but at the moment I am feeling lost, in finding a teacher.
  2. Side effects and Seokmun Breathing Meditation

    @Apech Thank you for the reply Apech. Actually, when I practice the meditation for a long term, I will eventually suffer from the side-effects, such as insomnia, restlessness, and headaches. Probably just as you say, something physical is good for me. Static meditation may be liable to cause side-effects. The system of the Seokmun Breathing Meditation has both dynamic exercise and static meditation. So for now it may be good for me to focus on dynamic exercise. But the problem here is the teacher. He does not understand my situation, so he instructs me to practice static meditation. Plus he is the founder of this meditation. Of course I can simply ignore his instructions and practice just as I want to; but is it really possible to practice, without someone's instruction? For your reference Perhaps I will post in Healing Circle too. Thank you.
  3. Dear all In order to improve my poor health, I have practiced Seokmun Breathing Meditation, which originated in Korea, for about a year. But my health has not gotten better a bit, or rather, sometimes side-effects are caused. Actually, I have tried various types of meditations and qi-qongs for 9 years but none of them work well for me. Does anybody have the same experience? Thank you.