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  1. mopai

    I said for some,not all. sabretooth.
  2. mopai

    Hello Dazyhaze,there are people who are jealous of Kosta's achievement.I mean to put himself through the training to complete level 2 take's hard work,self discipline and determination,plus he put himself in isolation away from all distraction's for month's,which mean's he was not earning,and he had to remain celebate. This is all too much for some. sabretooth.
  3. mopai

    Dazyhaze,maybe people don't read my post properly,I have it in writing that somthing was poured into my fuel tank,I do not have mental health problem's. In Kosta's second book he describes the mark's on his palm;s appearing and doctors monatering him.He got these mark's as he completed level 2.I cannot see how that is some sign of incorrect practice if it was he would have said so in his book. sabretooth.
  4. NCA trying to kill me

    I looked this up on prussian blue as well,thats what makes me think it might be thallium. The cure won't work now the damage to my genes has been done,thats why 's my immune system is attacking my bone marrow.I read somewhere that tai chi can correct dna damage so I am doing that and chi kung for 2 hour's every day. sabretooth.
  5. Qi gong feats

    I think kosta opened up his dan completing level 2 within a few months,I heard an interview on youtube with Jim McMillan and he was putting 6 hours a day in.So if you want power you will have to put the time in.One of the things I noticed almost right away from practicing chi kung was feeling warmer all the time and my skin seemed to get younger my hearing became sharper as did my sense of smell and when I bit down I noticed my teeth and bite were stronger and this was with only 45 minutes practice a day.Think what I could achieve if I was in solitary confinement, sabretooth.
  6. mopai

    has anyone here achieved level 2 and if so did the marks on your palms appear after you completed level 2 or before,and what health or any benefits have you gained. many thanks sabretooth.
  7. NCA trying to kill me

    songtsan the pill went down the plug before I could grab it but it was round and blue coloured,not long after I felt sick and then as I have since found out my bone marrow started to get attacked by my immune system.I must have only drank a very dilute amount ,if the pill had properly dissolved then I would be dead by now.I don't think this was something you can readily buy,it was probably made to order.I'm thinking it may have contained thallium. sabretooth.
  8. NCA trying to kill me

    One of the other things they tried to do was have me sectioned,they would get people to tell me I was not looking very well,yellow looking,and tell me to go see a doctor which they had arranged to have me sectioned just by making the apppointment,and then make out I said somthing to have me sectioned.It seemes some people here are trying to do the same thing.I also sent information into the FBI maybe they will investigate some of you,to see if you are helping these criminals. sabretooth.
  9. NCA trying to kill me

    Thankyou Taomeow, I have had people let themselves into my house and create gas leaks,mess with the elctrics and I saw someone climb back over the fence and run to car.I came home to find a socket hanging off the wall where it had been unscrewed.Someone turned up on my doorstep with a gun half out of his jacket,he rang the door bell I went to the window to see who it was he did not see me I had seen this bloke before following me and I could clearly see his gun.I stepped back away from the window and let him walk off.I need to know what the blue pill was if anyone can direct me to a site where I might find this out,it would be a great help. many thanks sabretooth
  10. NCA trying to kill me

    In my introduce yourself I said that I can project energy I used it on a criminal organisation that was trying to kill me.This organisation is run by some of the richest people in the world,they are in every developed country,all police,councilors,mayors,government{ home secretary }are all in their pockets,the royal family even do business with them.I gathered evidence on them and sent it into the NCA.The criminal organisation has fallen out with it's self ,one lot is now trying to put another lot in jail for my murder and have paid the NCA to do this. Not all the people that work for the NCA are taking bribes,they want to put the whole lot in jail and refusing to bury evidence,and at the same time stopping their corrupt colleags from killing me.The criminals that they want to frame for my murder are doing the same. sabretooth.
  11. NCA trying to kill me

    I have it in writing that I had something put into my fuel tank,so I don't need a counselor. The NCA is the national crime agency. They have me under survielance and are showing this in some pub's trying to incite people to kill me,which has resulted in an attack on my sisters son leaving him paralysed in one arm. The pubs are the Wardleys Creek in a village outside of Blackpool over the river . The other is in Worthington liecestershire called the Black Bull. If anybody know's anyone living near these places get them to check it out. I have had people getting in touch with me and telling me this. The NCA are helping organised crime wage a vendetta against me. sabretooth.
  12. NCA trying to kill me

    About 4 years ago my tap water came out a light blue colour and a partly dissolved pill came out but went down the plug hole.Shortly after that I found that I was getting breathless quite easily and feeling tired,eventually I could not walk 20 paces without gasping for breath. I went to the hospital and they told me my immune system was attacking my bone marrow and asked me if I had been exposed to radiation,to my knowledge I had not. Does anybody here have any idea what this blue pill might have been. many thanks sabretooth.
  13. Enlightenment

    dearth vader was enlightened. so was the head boy in my last school. sabretooth.
  14. Qi gong feats

    how long does it take to open a chakra? it depends on how time you put into it,ARKX6. sabretooth.
  15. mopai

    moonnite,hello it sounds like you study mo pai,how long have you been consistantly training. I have just bought the book enter mo pai,I have never heard of james van gelder,but am looking foreward to reading it. sabretooth.