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  1. Hey guys, first serious post here. (So hey to all!) I’ve been practicing deep diaphragmatic breathing for a good while now, following the Golden Flower Method (which I’m sure has it’s pros and cons). I’ve been practicing meditation for a long time now, so breathing and general energy work isn’t completely new to me. What I’m not seeing is any changes, such as the energy movement described that moves down, round the bottom of your abdomen and back up the front. I can feel a general “gurgle” of energy sometimes, but definitely not this flowing movement that is suggested happens on its own. Has anyone hd success with this and can offer any tips, suggestions and the like? I understand there are a lot of parallels with general Daoist energy work, I’ve read the comprehensive guide to Nei Gong and there seems to be many. Any thoughts and suggestions are very welcome Andy
  2. First time post

    Hey guys, just an introduction from me :-) Im Andy and I have been a long time reader of these forums for general information and guidance, but never actually posted anything. I figured it was time I did given I am starting to have questions of my own! I am a practitioner of Yoga for the most part, but recently (through reddit discussions) read a Comprehensive Guide to Daoist Nei Gong and began a whole new journey. It really rang true with me and I've loved the practices involved.