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  1. I got some newfound discipline and willpower but I dont have money for now and there isnt any great master where I live(a small city of brazil). I will seek a skillfull master once I graduate from college and get a job but it will take a long time. I just dont want to lose the opportunity to learn and practice while Im younger, so I can have good foundation and skill for the time I find a master. Do you guys have any recomendation of trustable free sources? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for this advice. Can you explain it further ? What is the best sense to chose?
  3. Im in need of an qiqong exercise to increase my concentration skills, I going to do an important test next week and need to be the more concentrated possible(I have low attention span).Im pretty good at maths but I commonly make mistakes because of lack of attention
  4. Are there evil master?

    Im not talking about the pedo priest or the kung fu scammer, Im talking about people that actually posses giant amounts of spiritual powers and uses it for the evil ? Is there such a thing ? Or evil people lack the work ethic to get to this level?
  5. Looking for wisdom on semen retention

    Hey, I dont understand a lot about taoist concepts but semen retention do help a lot with my anxiety and OCD . Im overly emotional when Im masturbating frequently. Doenst this have to do about how much do you think about sex when not masturbating, I mean, not looking at porn or lustfully at girls or pictures.
  6. My will is too weak

    I feel like my will is not strong enough to make me improve myself despite my rational mind wanting me to do so. Since childhood, I never put effort in anything, in 20 years of existance I dont have anything that I trained enough that I can consider good at, all of my skills came from natural talent. For some context, when I was at middle - high school, despite being in love with girls, I never really made any effort to try to get them . While my friends and siblings would travel long distances to get girls, like studying, going to the gym, etc, I never really even talked to one, and I wasnt particulary shy, it just seemed to me that it was too much of an effort, like everything else in my life. Im not saying that doing shit to impress girls is good, but at that time it was all I thinked about and still wasnt able to do anything. Nowadays I wouldnt say that Im in a bad place at life, I got to a good medical school(those are free in my country, but are considered very hard to get in) with little to no study due to being naturally smart and I got some girls, not because I approached one, still cant do it, but because they approached me. But while Im doing kind of well in those areas, I feel like Im not even close to my potential, and I could reach it if I had a stronger will. I dont know a lot about internal alchemy concepts, but can weak will be a symptom of an energetic deficiency/imbalance ?
  7. My will is too weak

    Thanks for the answer. About the cold showers, since Im not really experienced with taoism I cant talk much about it. But presume you re talking about the idea of balance ?(just like some chinese medicine books are against eating spicy food at summer). If you look at that way, yes, you are right. But what about the balance betwen asceptism and hedonism ? In that perspective those showers bring me more balance, since I used to have a strong aversion of everything that didnt give me a lot pleasure. Even small pleasures used to suffering . Now I appreciate those tiny pleasures more and find life much more fulfiling. I dont really agree that lack of willpower is an personality trait at all. I think its an " anti personality " trait, since it reduced my capacity of self-expression and having my own thoughts. Its much easier to be what everyone expects you to be than to be yourself. Being yourself requires courage and courage requires willpower. So in my perspective, yes , it justify the potential costs.
  8. I dont know what happens, but my chi flow peaks when Im almost sleeping or when I wake up artificially. I cant mobilize that well because of the lower focus when Im on that stage but the vibrations are much stronger. Does anyone have similar experiences ? Maybe my muscles are more relaxed at that state?
  9. Stronger chi flow when sleepy

    I cant know, but it would be strange if it was ust my perception, because Im supposed to have an better perception while fully awake than when Im almost sleeping.
  10. Stronger chi flow when sleepy

    Thats exactly what I feel !(with the exception of mco, I cant do it). When I said "unnaturaly" I meant to say when I wake up before the time I usualy do that. I worded it badly. When I have intense dreams and wake up I feel it flowing very strongly on where I can feel it.
  11. My will is too weak

  12. My will is too weak

    So I WILL help others
  13. My will is too weak

    Thats scary and motivating at the same time haha
  14. My will is too weak

    Haha, thanks ! I hope I can help others in the future
  15. My will is too weak

    Thanks for those very empowering words, I appreciate it a lot and it motivates me to keep on that direction ! I wish you the best.
  16. My will is too weak

    Sorry guys for asking question and just vanishing but what happened is that I found my own answer and Im working on that. So I changed rooms(mine has some mold, resulting in chronic allergies), stopped the habit creating stories in my head, trying to stop overthinking and stopped masturbation. With the energy those changes gave me I was able to get into two new habits. Reading books(2-3 different books a day), cold showers and meditation. Now Im mostly relaxed and my willpower is getting stronger each day. Thanks everyone for the answers !
  17. My will is too weak

    First of all, thanks for your help, I really appreaciate it. So my family is catholic but not really avid practioners, we used to go to church every two weeks but we almost dont go nowadays. I dont consider myself a catholic Thanks for the answer. I do sleep late and overthink, and I have an strange habit that maybe drain myself? Most days I play invented action movies in my head and some days I do it for 3 hours straight, I do it since I was child, its pretty entertaining. Can it be related with my condition ?
  18. My will is too weak

    Thanks for the advice, did it yesterday and wil do it again, I hope it helps ! Haha, I wish I was from Scandinavia! Im from Brazil, good public universities are one of few perks of living here I studied a bit, but nothinh compared to the other people that passed with me. Those guys studied 6 hours + a day and did preparatory classes along with it. I studied these 6 hours in a week and did those classes too, but slept most of the time. I just didnt found the will to study more. Now that you are saying that, I did help people with math exercises from time to time, they say teaching is an very good exercise to learn, but still, Id say I only spent around 1 hour a week teaching. I will look at those concepts you mentioned, thanks for sharing them I wouldnt say that my diet is bad but not that good either, I eat a good amount of fruits and veggies aside from that my diet, in general, consists from chicken and rice. I drink a lot of green tea too( I thought the caffeine would help my will but it dont, I just do nothing more energically Yes, I would like to learn about it in your practice's perspective, its very good to know a lot of causes/theories about an specific problem. I asked about internal alchemy because its the concept im most familiarized with nowadays, but I would love to learn about it from different systems too. Thanks for your answer, Im happy that it can be solved in your opinion, I will search those concepts you mentioned.
  19. Quick question on detox in cultivation

    You dont necessarily needs a detox, maybe theres no medication left in your body. What happens is that long term use of SSRIs will change tthe structure and quantity of your serotonin receptors to adapt to the medicine. When you stop, your brain need to readapt his receptors because you changed serotonin supply. You will feel these effects until your brain get totally adapted, it may be fast or it may take time.
  20. Im training qigong every day around 1,5 hour a day, divided in two identical sections, one in the morning and one at night. My training consists in 10 minutes of zhan zhuang and 10 exercises from a style called "tai chi chi kung" or something like that, I dont remember because I learnt it from a teacher 6 years ago but I dont train with him since 2017. After some days, I started to feel energy like I never felt before, some small points of my body started to heat up pretty intensely, and now I can move the energy of my body at a level that I never experienced before. I was pretty happy with those results, since it means that Im evolving. But since july 2 Im experiencing a big difficult to sleep, in july two to three I slept around 4 hours and now, at 5 am in my country, I cant sleep anymore after sleeping for around 45 minutes. I woke up with some strange out of body feeling(I think I saw my back but Im not sure) and my energy was flowing like crazy, I could feel the circulating predominantely around my arms and chest. Can someone help me with this? Did I make an mistake ?? Thanks and sorry for my bad english, its not my first language and Im very disoriented right now
  21. Cant sleep, did I fucked up ?

    Thanks for the advice Daniel, I appreaciate it I will keep you updated
  22. Cant sleep, did I fucked up ?

    Its a pretty slow qigong so I always thought it would even help me to sleep, I guess I was wrong. Is my sensitivity thats growing or my chi itself ? I always wondered about that. Now that you cited the monkey mind, I perceived that sometimes I move my chi even when just thinking about doing it. Can you explain what does ungrounded means ? Thanks for the answer
  23. Cant sleep, did I fucked up ?

    Thanks for the reponse. Its pretty hard for me to have a day off, my body seems addicted to it, feels so good
  24. Cant sleep, did I fucked up ?

    I actually dont know any sinking exercise, I didnt even know that was a thing. Thanks for clarifying to me. Do you recommend any exercise for that purpose ?
  25. Cant sleep, did I fucked up ?

    Yes,I feel the energy and can move it all day long, feels like an megnetic fluid but I can describe it very well, but it heats where it pass. It gets much stronger after training tho. I dont have none of these effects apart from buzzing sometimes. Thanks for answering