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  1. Releasing suppressed emotions?

    I'm sorry @Everything but your teaching style just makes no sense to me. I see that you're trying to be helpful, but it just seems very... I dunno your words go right over my head. I don't really have anything else to add.
  2. Releasing suppressed emotions?

    I leave for two weeks... and then all hell breaks loose.... You know, I may not be the most well versed student in the teachings of Taoism, and I definitely don't have the experience with meditation and energy work that many people on this forum clearly have, but isn't one of Lao Tsu's principles that simplicity is more powerful than complexity? I may be mixing my teachings here but I know that there is some verse somewhere that favors listening, silence, and simplicity, over unending and overly complex explanations. I think some of the responses in this thread have been absolutely epic, @alchemystical you had me dying laughing with the way you responded up there because you stuck to your guns and chose to try to bring things back down to earth. But I just want to say that... being an effective communicator is a skill, and I don't believe that it is more the job of the listener to be able to grasp one's philosophical ideas than it is the philosopher to find ways to make their points simple, and clear, and easily understood. This thread has some of the longest posts I have ever seen, and some of the wordiest sentences I have ever read. Highly amusing but it makes no impact on me whatsoever at all. To me when I see that? It's like the author of such things is on their own little island, they do not feel the energy of nor listen to the true essence coming from those they are trying to influence. It almost seems like they get more satisfaction out of speaking than they do being heard. I have been guilty of this many times in my life, and will probably be guilty of it again, but at the end of the day, I feel like this happens when people speak from the head and not the heart. The intention seems to be more about showing that you know some great truth, than it is to actually helping others. So yeah I don't know how to close this, it's just my observations of how this conversation has gone. So....
  3. Releasing suppressed emotions?

    That is probably some very good advice my friend
  4. Releasing suppressed emotions?

    Oh and @steve I wanted that link as well just forgot to ask, so thanks for that.
  5. Releasing suppressed emotions?

    Trance is probably too strong of a word, I just mean that I don't find myself having many thoughts after just a few minutes of meditation, I begin to feel a more... ummm... I just hear noises and feel peaceful and there's a bit of a hypnotic "drifting" kind of feeling, but I tend to wake up out of it after about 15 to 20 minutes and then I start finding myself thinking again and feeling bored. @NATURE BEEING If this is what you're asking, I've been meditating for about a year, but it's very off and on. I might not meditate for a whole month, then mediate 4 times in a week or... I'm not consistent with it at all.
  6. Neiye - Section 16 - The Dao of Eating

    That seems like very sound advice, I struggle a lot with food issues and binge eating followed by fasting to make up for it and I never feel balanced. But at the same time I really BELIEVE in fasting, I simply have trouble doing it correctly which I attribute mainly to the area I live in and my lifestyle/work situation. I feel like if I were living in the tropics with less stress and less temptation all over the place I'd have a much easier time doing a fast one day a week or something. Is fasting a concept that is out of line with the Taoist principle of moderation and everything in balance? Or do Taoists fast.
  7. Releasing suppressed emotions?

    Like I said I have trouble getting passed the 20 minute point I always start feeling restless and like I'm coming out of trance at that point. So somewhere between 15 to 20 minutes would be the answer. It begins to feel like "it's no longer working" at that stage or like monkey mind wakes up with a vengeance.
  8. Releasing suppressed emotions?

    That was absolutely beautiful, until you started talking about farts, then it was both funny and beautiful. lol but no seriously that was great. Do you have the name of this book?? I looked him up and there's quite a few books but I'm not sure which one has this practice in it. Would love to read it! How long do you have to meditate before emotions come up? Is there a way to do it wrong? I tend to feel like I can't meditate passed about 20 minutes or so before my mind kind of... comes out of trance and starts going "why are we still sitting here open your eyes" and no emotions ever come up. Is there a better technique or should I just force myself to wait longer?
  9. I feel like such a noob!

    If having tons of knowledge go straight over my head and make absolutely no sense to me is how a taoist should be? Then I'm killing it....
  10. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 29

    Man this really resonated with me. I really do feel that there is a "God" we can commune with and talk to, however I don't think it's THE God who created everything, I think it is a collective of beings that are closest to the source energy from which we all came. And you are right, Jesus is one of those beings, along with Krishna, Buddha, and many others. I DO worship, I can't help it, but I do not believe it is because God wants worship from me, I believe it is because I want to give it to Him. I really wanna expand further but I just got off work and I'm so hungry I can hardly think!!! HAHAHA Maybe after I eat I'll really get on here and try to have more cool conversations with you guys. I haven't been too active cause I've been busy but from what I can tell you are all really cool people, and I'm glad no one was offended by me bringing up Jesus. I really do want to get to a point where everything doesn't come back to Christianity with me, but it's kind of all I know, and I still see it as highly relevant, I just know that the "powers that be" hijacked it for their own controlling agenda.
  11. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 29

    This is the kind of verse that made me so fascinated in Taoism in the first place, because at the time I still hadn't truly broken away from my christian roots, but I was questioning, and to see this eastern philosophy, that is dated before Jesus, and he's talking about the spiritual kingdom, and how you can't hold onto it or improve or change it for yourself, I was just like "wait.. either something is not being translated correctly... or Jesus knew about these teachings..." And that really began my journey into other religions like hinduism (which ALSO parallels the bible in more ways than one would think) etc. As far as my thoughts on this specific verse... I mean my understanding of the kingdom is it is like... full conscious awareness and child like flow through the world. That ineffable quality of experiencing the miracles in every moment, and flowing with them. So to say you can't hold it is like saying that if you're TRYING to hold onto it, you don't have it, you have trying. I mean, all of taoism that I've been able to comprehend has just been illustration after illustration trying to get one into a state of allowing, instead of a state of striving. I get the feeling though that my understanding is quite juvenile compared to the true depth of wisdom held within, or perhaps Taoism really does just keep drilling home the same main theme because it's actually THAT hard to "get". But I just have to point out how interesting it is that Jesus talked about how we must learn to wait for God to do in us what we can't do for ourselves, and to not be so preoccupied with getting, as to miss out on God's giving. If you change the idea of God into "The source" or "The way of things" you have the same concept. "Stop trying to get from the universe and open up to all it is trying to give you". I don't know how triggering the mentioning of the bible is or not, but if you guys aren't too offended by it it is one of my favorite things to think about regarding taoism, how once one takes the church goggles off and compare the two teachings, there are remarkable similarities that in my opinion can't just be coincidence.
  12. That's amazing!! Seems like it's more of a short distance remote view than quite, "looking through" the box though. Which isn't a positive or negative thing it just sounds like that's what you did. In theory the same principle should be able to apply over long distances for anything in the world.
  13. [TBOPB1C00] Agrippa Book One Introduction

    Very helpful, I will definitely be getting that book! And yeah I've been feeling that he had to have been a faith healer and very knowledgable of the eastern practices going on at that time. There is even evidence that he travelled the east and was known as "St. Issa" during the lost years the bible doesn't mention him. This will all be incredibly helpful to my journey thank you.
  14. I feel like such a noob!

    Well thanks @liminal_luke I may feel like a noob but at least I feel like a welcome one