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  1. Greetings my fellow Magick Beings

    @sean Thanks for taking a look at the youtube videos. I just started posting on there, and I'm planning on continuing there with a lot more. I'm getting interviewed tomorrow on my entire backstory and journey into this field. Should be up soon. I haven't read any of Peter Grey's work. What is he specifically getting at in Red Goddess? @Ancestor Paul I'm a Pisces sun, Sag moon, Scorpio rising @thelerner Hopefully we can jumpstart some intriguing esoteric discussions then... @Nungali Nice to make your acquaintance.
  2. Greetings my fellow Magick Beings

    How are they? Holy Daimon looks like an interesting read.
  3. Greetings my fellow Magick Beings

    I would like to introduce myself to this forum. My Magick name is Shaialazin. Formerly I was known as N.O.X. Infinitum. My given name is Bryce J. Lemon. My motto and word is Gaia Ladrieh (165). I am a Ritual Magician, the Founder of the O!O School of Magick, the Creator of The Temple of the Archinox, and the Author of 'Excalibur: The Book of the Law: Solved'. My magickal journey was initiated 15 years ago and has continued through a vast series of adventures through 57 countries, thousands of temples and rituals, meetings with teachers and the consumption of volumes of Sacred Texts. Magick is truly my career and my destiny and my specialities are aligned with ceremony and ritual, astral projection, mystic vision, navigating alternate dimensions and timelines, and cracking Occult codexes and ciphers. I am here on this site to offer my knowledge, skills and experience I have gleaned from my life of initiations and ordeals - the key to true Magickal realization and power. I hope to converse with many of you, answer questions, and learn from your insights and experiences as well. In love under the will, Shaialazin