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  1. Celibacy, and also MCO

    And by the way, I agree with the way freeform talks. He simply shares his truth, it is what he has learnt, and it is great that he shares what works for him! There will be different things that work for different people, this is something basic to know. Please, stop having any intention to convince me of anything, wether you do it for the good of other person (everybody does it thinking that, even the most evil on the planet) or not. If something has worked for you, it does not mean you must have the intention to convince other people to have your own believes, that is ego and it's part of what makes this forum uglier than it could be. You can however share unconditionally what has worked for you, which is what everybody should be doing in the forum. For me, right now, celibacy is working and it is what I am working towards. I know a lot of smart people who deffend it, wether from ancient China or actual tao forums, and I neither believe in them. I'll simply test for myself to find out, like everybody should do before creating an opinion. And if someday I share what I have learned with someone else, I'll do it free or expectations, knowingly that what has worked for me does not necessarily have to work for everybody else, and there is no absolute correct answer. Also, I never said 0 sex forever, I believe in balance, and it's up to me if I incline it to the side of celibacy or sexual expression, it is up to what each person consider as natural. I don't believe in discussion/debates, they make this forum uglier than it could be. And treat me as a person and not as if I was you with 22 years old
  2. Celibacy, and also MCO

    Thanks man! I appreciate the sharing. I am glad that you have it so clear for yourself. For me, as with everything, I only trust in my experience, everyone's experience is different. So I'll experiment with celibacy, and keep what is good from it, as I am keeping what is good from your sharing. I will pay special attention to sexual depravaty/psychosis, and the health of my kidneys. It's not that I believe in your words or not, it's that I'll see it for myself to learn it, if it works, cool, if it doesn't, I'll keep growing. I don't have fear, and nobody should, wether it's celibacy or other thing, do not trust in the fear of other people, it's their own, you experiment with yourself and learn from that. This is what I have been doing my whole life and the only thing I trust. I also do not trust in people who need to say oh you are 22 you are as silly as I was with your age. Needing to say that makes you look dumb. Anyway, I only care about my own experience, that is my path, you should already know it unless you were too busy at 22 being dumb having sex or taking drugs. Thanks everyone for the sharing, bye!
  3. The way you all act in this forum

    If you come here to create a discussion, and convince me of my wrong views and words... You are not getting it xD
  4. The way you all act in this forum

    Hey, I suppose it does...it should at least, how can exactly can I believe something without it becoming my reality... I pay care to what I think, that's why I do not have fear of any perspective, and share it to the benefit of everybody. As I said, if you do not relate to it, that's fine
  5. The way you all act in this forum

    For what I have seen, it's the majority of people. You don't need to take it personally if you do not relate to it
  6. The way you all act in this forum

    Hey sure, there is of everything. I was just talking about this side
  7. Celibacy, and also MCO

    Thanks for the advice, you kinda missed your chance though. Wish you the same
  8. Celibacy, and also MCO

    Man, I am not arbitrarily saying these things. They all depend on celibacy, or if that word is misunderstood, in the preservation and proper care of semen and my own energy. It is purely based on my personal experience, I mentioned Chia because I was asked to mention a source. I have tried playing concerts in the days after I have ejaculated, and what happens? The obvious, I don't have energy, which means more anxiety, less reward system, and I won't even be able to concentrate to dance or play my guitar like it should be played. This is basics. If your ejaculations don't have this effect in you, you are probably unaware of it because you don't have a deep level of connection to your physical body, or you have a different body, any possibility is open. I can see the reasoning of "you are going to respress your natural desire and become the opposite and end up hedonistic" from a mile. You could have used that with me at 16-19 years old, because it was a real possibility, not anymore, you are projecting your own stuff into me. You can say more or less concrete things to a person you don't know, like freesoul did, but the fact is that you don't know me. For me, it takes 3 days to regain full motivation, physical resistance, etc, the 3 days rule is a known fact. In older people it may take a week to recover the body. The only logical answer I get is that your ejaculations and mine are different. Mine let me dry and empty (I am talking about masturbation), I was even told once in a concert that I had no energy that there was no soul within me. And it was true. On the other hand, what has happened in the concerts I had my body in a good energy level? Dancing, laughing with friends, face red in the guitar solos. Is it really that hard to believe that ejaculation does have that effect on me? I always appreciate support, but no matter what age you are you must be also be willing to listen to the other person. If for you being 22 and being indulgent in sex worked, that's great! For me, I prefer to preserve my energy as much as possible and wait for the right woman. Once I find her I'll have sex with her, and she will be satisfied as fuck that the guy preserved his energy, at least I have to do the right thing. And I'll try not to exhaust myself and commit myself to my work, which is what makes me happy. In the meantime, as I already said, I'll learn to have orgasms without ejaculation, which I am pretty close to, to release excess of energy. And it's obvious that I won't have sex with a girl I don't love. P.s: I was pretty okay with everything said by freesoul
  9. Celibacy, and also MCO

    Hey, thanks for sharing. It's interesting what you say, and I knew already what the increase of energy through celibacy can do to an unprepared person. I believe what you are saying about Chia lol and I didn't know celibacy is taken so seriously by some people, thinking about it, doing a celibacy like that would be the ideal. Unfortunately (from the perspective of celibacy being dangerous), I have always been very independent and I have confronted danger since I was a child, I know myself much more deeply than the avarage person, and I am more than ready to have longer strikes. I am doing everything in my power to be committed to reach my goals a be a better human being, and my whole intelligence tells me this is the moment for me to do this. Have been working already a lot to get to this point. And I choose to find a balance within me in which I teach my body to have longer and longer strikes, I am responsable for my own acts, and I know for everything I do there will be an effect. I am more than willing to take the risk and believe in myself, I do it gladly. And if it destroyes me so be it, I don't have fear, I have proven myself to myself other times, I have always been alone, and nothing will keep me from achieving my true potential, I'll die trying that. But I don't know, I am a stupid avarage 22 years old man, you'll probably find me doing porn in the same cycle banging random girls and having panic attacks because life is not real. I honestly accept it as a possibility lol I would have to know what would I do if I was in that scenario to be prepared. Anyway, I appreciate you have opened that perspective within me, I have to be prepared in case I am not who I think am. Oh and, in relation to my desires with celibacy, I just want to enjoy my hobby which is playing guitar, I want my body to be healthier, I want to see more to bring more into this life. I want to live my life doing what is good, treat humans equally and morally, share what I have, love and being loved, etc. These are my goals, they may not be perfect, but for me they are god and they are a good god, one which is worth living and which can support everything that exists. Greetings
  10. Celibacy, and also MCO

    May be but both are lost in a ejaculation though. I am not his fan neither, but since I am a newby anything I listen/read is usefull. Thanks for the advice, I'll let it be, after I have learnt to have orgasm without ejaculation
  11. The way you all act in this forum

    Hi Voidisyinyang thanks for everything you have shared, you have given me more than enough work, I appreciate it.
  12. I just wanted to share what I think, and I think this section is rather off topic which is where I wanted to post it. I was once in a cult. They were a very good cult, they were honest in their believes, they did almost the same that you would do if you practice serious dao. With the time I got used to that feeling of being able to share anything with the people. It is the only thing that is needed for something to work, honest work from the people involved. When I came to this forum I was unconsciously expecting to find the same cooperation between people. I know there is a lot of smart people in this forum, much more than me, but it honestly amazes me how people in here have discussions, they could be sharing what they have, supporting one anoher, creating an even more complete system. But in the end, even the smartest people lacks that ability to share, instead a debate of I am absolutely right you are absolutely wrong you must listen is created, then friction between two minds is created, and voilá! They both get out of the conversation believing they achieved something. I just wanted to say that it doesn't matter how much knowledge you know, if you still do things which are silly. And I am the first that did this, when I entered the forum I unconsciously saw they way people interacted here and in the few posts I have done I was answered and I answered in the same way. It is contagious. So the only thing I wanted to share here is, people, debating like that make topics pointless and ugly. We are here to share with one another, we could do amazing stuff, there is no reason to not cooperate, in every serious topic there is always friction between people and that is not worthy of this forum. I'd like to see two different people, with different sets of believes, sharing their knowledge with each other, and realizing... Oh hey! You think this and I think that, but it's not so far! We in fact... Almost think exactly the same! But with different terminology. Instead it's always, hey, my cock is bigger than yours and here is the proof So, if you read this, I'd like that you started having that attitude, for the benefit of everybody here, don't make of this forum a place to have debates and laugh of other people and get mad. This prevents everyone from sharing their true self
  13. Celibacy, and also MCO

    What I mean by celibacy, is using sex only to create life, that would be the ideal!
  14. Celibacy, and also MCO

    Well for me I know it first based on my personal experience. It is what ejaculation does to me, it brings me down, and it transforms the resources in my body that I can use to live and feel, into mind energy that after the experience it's gone, maybe I am the only one feeling this process, every body is different and works differently and has a different past. If however this experience is unknown to you and you do not relate to it in any way, the last wise master I have been listening to is called Mantak chia. He says what every Taoist knows, the sexual organ is one of the greatest source of energy, and it deserves special attention.
  15. Celibacy, and also MCO

    I am musician so I guess I can talk about african rhythms, African rhythms beat orgasms, if you haven't had orgasms and have the energy. If you are in an energetic deficit, you are not going to feel the music, that is precisely what I am saying. Good energetic feelings depend on your physical body, which depends on diet, exercices, meditation, no drugs, no masturbation, no pointless entertainment like videogames,... Etc etc. I always appreciate advices, but what you are saying is naive