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  1. Daoist Dieta

    Do stay away from Lipton, cultivating your own tea is perfect and even the best. I collect soursop leaves from a friend and make my own tea.
  2. Releasing suppressed emotions?

    One way to this is to write all the emotions down on paper and sit with it to process and accept its presence. Then replace it with the opposite emotion. if you want to address or correct Anger, process it and correct it with Forgiveness and love. To address poverty replace it with Talent and Hardwork. To address anxiety correct it with Faith and Trust. it takes time to transmute emotional so do take your time. Wishing you the best.
  3. Daoist Dieta

    This is also important as today food are produced with heavy chemicals and stored with chemical preservatives that are not meant to be in our bodies. Eating organic or from local markets might be the best.
  4. Daoist Dieta

    If you don’t eat vegs, then maybe you could have herbal teas daily since it’s easier to get the nutrients the same way. Are you buy chance a tea person?
  5. Daoist Dieta

    What diet do you currently eat and what is your current state of well being?
  6. Training, Accumulation, and Retention

    Thanks friend, I’ll definitely be in touch. I plan on moving to CA next year so this might be a good opportunity to get a teacher overseas.
  7. Training, Accumulation, and Retention

    @Earl Grey, I’m curious to ask, do you know of any black daoist masters, I was told about a sect in Japan and their masters had very dark skin and had long grey hair, but little is know about them unless you encounter them in person. Do you have any recommendations.
  8. Training, Accumulation, and Retention

    In my humble opinion what @Earl Grey and @welkin said are both important, at the end of the day our intuition is the best teacher. Better than any master out there. If you are connected to your intuition then I believe you’ll br led on the right direction.
  9. Training, Accumulation, and Retention

    Have you tried Pranayama Breathe retention. I usually hold my breath while focusing on the lower Dantian at the same time until I feel the energy surging. I usually start with small breaths and gradually increase as I go. Also you could try the kneeling posture sitting on your heels, this posture is good for accumulating chi in the Ming men.
  10. Study Recommendations / Question about Chakra

    I send positive energies your way my friend, the empaths are always the black sheep of the family. It’s not easy being around family that do not see ahead like we do and sometimes we feel guilty we can’t change them cos we love them so much. This is one major symptom of empathy , but I’ll say this, there’s a positive hiding in it all and that is to use all that negative energy, transmute it further to build our spirit. Any time we are in haste, we must cultivate more patience, anytime we’re offended and looked down upon, we must cultivate more forgiveness, anytime we have doubts we must cultivate more belief, and anytime we worry that we can’t carry everyone we love along, know that God has given even man free will to do as they please, even though we empaths are always ahead and we mean well, to influence their path will be an infringement on their free will even if it’s for good intentions. At the end of the day we have to come to the truth that we do not live in the same reality, what we see as good others see otherwise. So find ways and techniques touse their enerrgies to cultivate s strong spirit that cannot be affected by the affairs of the outside. I wish us the best in all our endeavors. 🙏🏿
  11. Study Recommendations / Question about Chakra

    May I recommend singing for the throat chakra, singing songs we love clears the throat chakra easily. I should also recommend voicing the OM mantra in meditation with focus on the vibration of the throat chakra.
  12. Thoughts on Magick

    I agree with you, the number one reason why people don’t believe in magic is because of how simple it is. They believe that it should be more complicated so they therefore miss the opportunity to even start.
  13. Thoughts on Magick

    As within so without.
  14. Thoughts on Magick

    I believe these obstacles are evident in today's world but I do believe that we can control our reality beyond our expectations but it'll take time, mages are just gods with amnesia and we don't remember all to our existence yet. That'll change when we recall our true being. Magic takes time and requires belief and persistence, and we are at an Information Age where esoteric knowledge keeps popping out, I believe with time more information will come to the surface and magic will continue taking different shapes and forms from generation to generation.