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  1. How to learn 'sung'?

    There's good reason to say that sung, relaxation, not trying so hard, this is the key to being spiritual. After all, Cheng Man-ch'ing also says: Sink (ch'en). If someone can relax completely, then this is ch'en. If the ligaments and blood vessels relax, then the whole body (of which they are a part) sinks down. Basically, ch'en and sung are the same thing. Ch'en means not floating. Floating violates Tai Chi Chuan. If your body can sink, this already is good, but you must also make the chi sink. If the chi sinks, then the spirit (shen) gathers. That is very useful note: "When the shen is gathered the mind becomes clear."
  2. How to learn 'sung'?

    Great method, this is called a spiritual bath were you soak in herbs and flowers, they really open up the energy centers.
  3. Effectiveness of Mudras

    Great post, never thought of the idea of body Mudras before, yoga would be a good example of body Mudra.
  4. Effectiveness of Mudras

    The kuji in kuji kiri 9 seal Mudra holds all the energy of the universe and it will be a good place to start on mudras, however I believe that a Mudra must first be empowered through meditation and contemplation before a Mudra can be activated.
  5. Favorite "new" mineral supplements (& PQQ)

    The body is made up of 102 minerals, Sea Moss contains 92 of those minerals. Seamoss could be a perfect body refining herb and I plan on making body refining pills out of it.
  6. Dream Communion

    I also share similar views, on dreams, dreams are real and strongly believe it to be another realm. I’ve been exploring lucid dreaming and astral projection for a while now and have been keeping a dream journal, when i read through the dream journal, I realized that some dreams are repetitive and similar, when I put all the similar dreams together it tells a clear message. I’m in the habit of ceasing to call it dreams I now call it heaven, because I believe the dream realm to be a spirit realm and as spirits in a mortal body, our true home is the heaven We can access this heaven consciously when we learn how to be lucid and aware of it. one other thing I’ve noticed is meeting people in dream that you’ve never met in life, sometime the subconscious borrows a form that is in your mind and uses it a symbol to pass a message, a celebrity in a dream might be a symbol of a personality of a scandal. All in all dreams are a good way to communicate with the other side and bring information that is unknown to this realm.
  7. Daoist Meditation

    One meditation method we use for this is with a hand fan, as you blow the air to your face or head, the air flow leaves sensations that create a point of focus to ground you to your body, also as the air blows past the ears You can hear the voice of the wind\fan and a rhythm for you to focus on, at later stages we attach a mantra to the voice the fan making every blow a syllable. Fanning my self 4 times could syllabise - I - Am - Groun -Ded.
  8. Thank you for having me.

    Hello friends, I am Paul from Africa and I am gently being initiated into the ways of qi cultivation and longevity. I hope to learn from my fellow brothers and sisters of this lovely forum and also share the Qi cultivation techniques my teacher passed on to me.