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  1. Acupuncture

    Hey Bums- I was curious if any of you practice acupuncture on your own bodies. I am interested in learning acupuncture, mostly for self use. I've investigated the "prestigious" schools and it seems outrageously expensive and time consuming. I am admittedly biased against most private colleges and the education industry as a whole. Anyone have any advice? I am also curious if any of you have any home remedies for blockages in the kidney and liver meridians? I've been using a tim tam power massager and tiger balm but the relief is very temporary. I am going to see my acupuncturist in a week - first time since the lockdown. Appreciate all the thoughts to come.
  2. The Secret of the Golden Flower

    I have read but not studied the link you provided in the past. I found it interesting, but more entertaining than informative. I will probably give it another read in the near future. I have found Cleary's translation very helpful.
  3. Baguazhang

    I appreciate the responses. Almost all were very thoughtful and helpful.
  4. Baguazhang

    Hello bums- First post, but long time lurker. Could anyone point me to a well regarded site/school to stream introductory Baguazhang lessons? I have a daily sitting practice but am looking for movement to help with coronavirus confinement and expand my knowledge base. Please keep in mind my confinement space is on the small side, but I do have about a 6'x6' space to practice, if that is enough. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.
  5. Hello

    I read Sean's post about right wing bullshit and felt it was time to introduce my self. I have been reading and learning from some of you for quite some time. Many internal and external things kept me from participating in a more active manner, but Sean's post was inspiring and his cosmos one I want to dance in more substantially. Here, I have found Drew Hempel's thoughts fascinating and some of the tummo posts and links extraordinarily helpful. I have studied many systems of thought, practiced a few, and mastered none. I look forward to continuing to learn and will try to contribute.