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  1. Sensation on my ear

    Please tell me! I’m not scared at all ! I’m very interested to know about your experience ! Thank you
  2. Sensation on my ear

    Hi! I don’t even know what this website is and what is the definition of the terms used in the top menu. Actually I was googling about my right ear feels like being touched right out side, in the middle, where your face ends and connects to your right ear. It’s really hard to explain. I googled feeling being touched on the outside of your right ear ! And this website pops up with a message from someone complaining about feel being touched on their left ear and I clicked and there were some replies about spiritual stuff. It’s interesting since I am a very spiritual person. During the past 3 months or so, I went into a very difficult transition state. It’s not over yet but I’m trying my best to function and it’s getting easier. Yesterday I bought a Tibetan singing bowl made in India and in this two days I practiced and meditate a bit. Today, since I woke up I have this feeling next or on my ear ! It’s coming and going. I was a bit skeptical about it being anything related to the other side and when I was googling I tried not to point anything that make it sound like it is indeed something spiritual neither physical. I was just curios about the results that google would suggests. But down in my gut, I knew it is most likely something beyond the science of the body that will uncover. I would really appreciate if anyone can help me understand what it is since it’s a bit annoying. Unlike the other person feeling pain or not being able to sleep on the other side of the painful point, and being fearful at night time, mine is not painful nor fearful at all. Since someone asked about the sleep and dreams, I have to say that I am not an easy sleeper AT ALL. I use medication otherwise I can go on for a week without any sleep before I knocked out and even in that case, the duration of my sleep would be very short , like 3-4 hours after a week with no sleep. Before the transition state that I mentioned, I was able to control my dreams, whenever I was dreaming I knew that I’m in a dreaming state and did many crazy things in my dreams. Now, my dreams are all over the place, and I barely can remember anything about them. I’m super sensitive and compassionate and am an empath. I can predict or talk with telepathy or read minds. Although I had the gift since I was a child, I never wanted to accept it until a few years back. Ok, I think it’s been already a long subject. Please help me understand if you know what is going on. Thank you in advance.