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  1. retrograde ejaculation

    Thank you Apech, pretty much what I'm trying to do now, reverse whatever dysfunction I have forced into existence, I remember to avoid forcing things after the occasion generally, it's time to begin remembering them beforehand.
  2. Hi guys, just wondered if anyone has cured retrograde ejaculation issues with Kegel pc exercises, or anything else, started by clamping to stop flow after reading Mantak chia, been practicing this bad habit for over a year now, checked it out on internet and it all said it was ok to have retro ejaculation, but now after a really intense period of trying to master the big draw by intensely squeezing pc muscles a few months ago (in the wrong way again obviously), I basically go retro just a little bit with any arousal whatsoever, really embarrassed about this issue to be fair, also frustrated at a very deep level. I'm single at the moment so it's not a major issue, my plan is to back off from full stimulation and try and build the area up again with gentle pc exercises with only light arousal once a week or so, because I seem to be losing a little sperm possibly even nightly and my kidney energy is obviously constantly under par. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance. I don't feel that I have permanently damaged myself but a correct protocol would be beneficial.
  3. Hi

    Never posted in any forum ever, I'm sure I'll get the hang of it though, I've been practicing qigong on and off for 15 or so years, but not properly really, recently I have come up against some issues and I want to know more from those who have a deeper experience than myself.