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    Thank you for the warm greeting here, thats sadly not usual when surfing through the Internet. My Main Problem i noticed following that topic is that there are so many ways to meditate and all glorify different approaches. For me as a Newcomer it's pretty hard to gather the specific Informations i desire where i can be Sure it works or that its the "best" approach. I dont want to get caught in a specific "style" Training, maybe not knowing that exactly this one i choose needs decades to get a good grip on it. Is there something like "here Do this 10 steps for starters" or maybe a specific approach i should try if i thrive for confirmation to myself that this paranormal thing is real and i want to. Explore it? (for example Do A then B then C then you should see an Aura or feel the energy building or something like that that would boost my interest even further in this topic?) Thank you in advance
  2. Welcome Post

    Hi i am 29 and pretty New to this topic. I experienced many strange things in live that made me think there has to be something more then just the physical World we are told about at school and everywhere Else. I got interested in topics like Meditation, out of body experiences, telephaty and others. So i am looking for something to enrich my life and on the other Hand i am very curious if i can manage to tap into that and maybe See auras / feel thoughts of others and everything that is connected to this topic. I got interested in QiGong because i knew that FalunGong / QiGong are forbidden in China, that made me think, why? Top effective? I took that to decide for myself that i gonna Start there. Help is greatly appreciated cause i am new and want to learn. Kind regards