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  1. Maybe. I'm not denying it. But like I said, I can't reproduce it properly, that's all.
  2. @rideforever Very interesting thoughts. I would actually say that after this experience I did became more calmer. It did messed upped my head in some degree, but it wasn't in the bad way. My world view just shifted drastically, but it was like after this all pieces just fell together and many things became clearer for me. And this picture I a really good representation of what I saw @Sharerp I'm not saying that I got some powers or something. It just did happened for me and I'm looking for a right answer. I don't want to prove anything for anyone just myself firstly. And sorry, but you can't really objectively compare our videos. I'm not pushing this piece of paper from one finger to another, you can even see how I'm barely touching it, when it moves from finger to finger, no pressure applied. At 0:08s you can see that it kind of swirls, when I put my both finger near of each other. I just did pushed a little, when I had felt, that this energy is leaving me. If it could be possible to reproduce it like in my video, that would be fine with me and I would move forward, believe me, but like I said your video is just entirely different. But I still want to thank you for your time.
  3. I updated my post. In the end I could feel that the energy is leaving me and this piece just felt off. Then I tried to concentrate my mind back and try it again, but like you see, it did stuck just for few seconds and the energy was gone.
  4. I did uploaded my video, which I took last week, when this small piece of paper stuck to me. I know, that it maybe looks silly. And I do know about static electricity, but I could not reproduce something similar another day without meditation by rubbing this piece of paper to wool or something similar. I really tried. I started to film this a little bit less than after 2min, when it was already stuck to my hand. In those first minutes I just did observed it myself how it moved from one finger to another and around my hand.
  5. Thank you Fa Xin. I don't know if it's important, but I forgot to mention, that I have a tinnitus (since my childhood). It's very high pitched and it comes from middle of my skull. When I'm meditating sometimes I concentrate my attention to this sound and after few moments this sound does disappear, but in this instant I feel very dizzy, so I leave the sound alone and then everything does normalize ant tinnitus comes back.
  6. Hello everyone! So I had/having very strange experience which did start on 21st of November 2018 and it's still continuing and progressing. I don't know if this is important, but this was 13th lunar day. I think I will start firstly about telling a little bit more about myself an my personality. I'm almost 28yrs old guy. Working in IT sector in Germany. Before everything did happened I wouldn't have described myself as a spiritual person. I was a skeptical about these things. I did believed in God in my own way, but it was just few steps apart from non believer. I did heard/read a little bit about Enlightenment, Qi and so on, but I have not believed in it also. Few years ago I started to have neck/shoulder pain on my left side. You would maybe think that it's typical for IT guy, but I'm not sitting in front of PC all the time in my work. I went of course to some doctors. By some I mean 7. I also did physiotherapy with 6 different practitioners. I think that added hours in physiotherapy would be something about 50hrs. No one could help me and it still does hurt. So last year I started to do a yoga from time to time by watching youtube videos. So nothing spiritual involved, just exercises. Last year was very stressful professionally for me so beginning October I started to do few minutes of meditation after a yoga. At this time I started to feel some changes in my body and mind, but the pain was still there like before. And then came the 21st of November. So I started to do yoga in the evening. Everything was fine and nothing new. After that I started to do meditation. At some point I felt the urge to take my wedding ring off, which was on my right hand. I hadn't any more metals on my body. I continued my meditation and few seconds later I started to see some images with my closed eyes, which got crisper and crisper. Now I know that the image which I saw was so called Seed of Life. And it was, at that moment very crisp. I opened my eyes and I was still there. I wasn't scared or else, I was actually very intrigued about that. Now, for better understanding, I was still criss crossed my legs, the ring was right in front of me on the ground and I don't know why, but I formed like some kind of triangle with my hands (thumbs and index fingers touching together other fingers straight) and I laid them on the ground with the ring in the middle of this triangle. I wanted to continue my meditation like this, so I closed my eyes and relaxed, still seeing the Seed of Life, not so crisp anymore but still very distinguishable. I continued to sit like this, when I started to feel something happening with my shoulder/neck area which was still painful. And then my shoulder popped and the whole body exploded with light. What happened after that is still very hard for my to describe. I started to laugh and then I started to cry. Knowledge about many things was streaming into me with this light. Understanding about death, birth, emotions, connection with other things and oneness of everything. It was very, very intense. And it still continued with my eyes open. Maybe it's too far stretched but I have even felt like traveling in time in some way. I don't know how to describe everything. I'm not sure for how long did everything last, but at some point I just went to bed and slept till next morning. Next day this whole understanding was still there. What I immediately noticed that I have a headache, which was very different to any headaches which I had before. Next thing was that my eyesight and my memory had improved noticeably. Paradoxically I can't remember now if my shoulder/neck area did hurt on that particular day. So I went to work but after some hours I couldn't stay there so I asked my chef if could leave for the day and he was ok with that. When I got home I started to meditate again but nothing similar did happened, although this light was still there. Following weeks I still could feel this light inside of me. One thing, which was also noticed by other persons, was that I could help people to find some answers to their personal problems. I would describe this like the answers were immediately forming in my head with this light together, before I even knew the problem completely. I must say that I was very happy that I could help someone with their burden, but it still bugged me, that my neck/shoulder hurt. In December I started to research more about my experience. But everything was chaotic. I haven't clue where should I start. Like I said in the beginning I wasn't spiritual person, but during my research big portion of information which I did encountered was already knowledgeable for me through my personal experience. I also felt that during this all research someone was guiding me a little. It was like the thought was forming in my head and some time later I could find exactly same thought in internet or book. So now we are having the evening of 19th of January 2019. I don't know if this is a coincidence but it was also 13th lunar day, like the 21st of November 2018 before. On 19th of January I still haven't looked about lunar days. I did this after my experience which did happened this evening. Like the last time I did some yoga and after that I started to do meditation. So almost two months after my first experience, the light inside me was pretty dim. This time during my meditation, my dog was in the same room. I meditated, nothing "special" did happened. I was still sitting on the floor, my dog was sleeping about 14 feet away from me, I opened my eyes and then suddenly connected myself to some energy source. I presume that my dog felt that in some way, because not a millisecond past, that he stood up and came up to me and staid before me. I literally felt physically this energy inside of me and I could even control it inside of me. So when the dog came to me, this energy was in the heart chakra. Then I moved it to my right palm, which was on my criss crossed legs, and my dog started immediately to play with. Then I moved it back to my heart chakra and my dog immediately left the hand alone. After that I channeled it in my left palm and the same thing happened. My dog started to play with it. Everything took about 10min. In this time I tested this energy in different palms and my dog responded without failure to particular sides. After 10min I started to feel that this energy stream would end soon and when it did happened my dog immediately went back to the same place 14 feet away. Next days, were more or less normal. I did experienced very minor energy flows. On one day all my hair on my arms were standing up like charged, but I could not control this energy. Last week, when I felt this energy a small piece of plastic paper stuck on my hand and it staid there for about 2-3 minutes. I tried to shake it off firstly, because I was meditating and it started to tingle my hand, but I couldn't get it off and then I realized that it did happened because of this energy. So I grabbed my phone and filmed it. I can upload it later if someone wishes. I could move this piece of paper from finger to finger and it just staid on my fingers and even nails. Next day I tried to repeat that without meditation and I couldn't. I even tried to electrify it on my head hair like a balloon, if you know what I mean. But I still couldn't have the same effect. So now this is the point where I'm and I'm pretty lost. I don't know what is exactly happening with me. I don't know if I'm imagining this everything somehow. My shoulder/neck pain is still there and it didn't got any better. I hope to find some help and insights here. Maybe someone could guide me to some teacher or even firstly scan me remotely? I feel that this energy can progress further. After all these events I have this enormous urge to help other people somehow, but I don't know how. Maybe because I need a help myself. I stumbled on this website for a first time few days ago and I immediately felt, that I need to share my story here. So that's what I did.
  7. Hello from Berlin, Germany

    Thank you Fa Xin! I will write about it soon in Newcomer Corner.
  8. Hello from Berlin, Germany

    Hello all! I'm alsmost 28yrs old guy living in Berlin at the moment, but I'm originaly from Lithuania. I had a strange experience few months ago and I hope to get some answers in this forum. Good luck everyone!