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  1. Help on healing! :D

    Hi Guys thanks for the further advice, and apologies for the late reply, I got the foundation standing training video series mentioned which has helped clear a few things I was doing wrong with standing, the search for the dantien is sadly still ongoing though!!
  2. Help on healing! :D

    I have a decent list of foods that i think would be a good start, so shall try hone in on it more in the next couple of weeks! Understandable that the meditation is more to have singlepointed attention as well as awareness, I was also told by a good teacher to focus on the front dantien, which i believe to be a single point on the front most likely being qihai, that was one of my main thoughts and queries, because allowing awareness of this area seems to help slow the breathing/generate a warm area there! Cheers for the advice
  3. Help on healing! :D

    I see mate, shall just try only eating yin foods, The concotions i have tried were formulated by TCM dotctors. I feel the problem is inside myself and can only be healed through meditation though :/. The best master i know just said focus LDT, thats why i am on the constant search for it!!
  4. Help on healing! :D

    thanks gerard, i try to get to the innocent state but feel alot of the tingling in all the aforementioned areas in trying. could u elaborate on foundation work? could sit in squat all day no worries from snake stance training. mind agitated by symptoms of the energy imbalance
  5. Help on healing! :D

    okay shall do more of that, nothing i can do sitting down? just focus on breathe/dantien area is all i got, not sure if to let all the other feelings i normally get come up or i should just simmer them down..
  6. Help on healing! :D

    Hi Desmond, So you suggest I still focus on the LDT and hope that the energy clears the channels? in terms of healing im not sure what path to take. Have tried plenty of different herbals and such, was even cooking all the herbs at one point to absolutely no avail :(. Thanks for the input, Jack
  7. Help on healing! :D

    how to regulate yinyang of the organs?
  8. Help on healing! :D

    It definitely sounds like it. I feel like I have to somehow just let my body be with itself somehow so it can do it's thing and heal naturally, heck knows how to actually achieve that.
  9. Help on healing! :D

    Hi Freeflow, Very interesting, I've heard of listening before but I honestly don't know the difference between what i am doing, which i guess is basically trying to feel it as an actual location. It sounds like the same thing as peripheral awareness, except it is inside instead of outside. We have both attention and peripheral awareness - so we have to actively focus the attention otherwise it will move from topic to topic? usually i try and have the attention on the breathe or the dantien, who knows what the peripheral awareness is doing in my case :P. intricate stuff! Even the process of relaxing everything is quite hard in itself!
  10. Help on healing! :D

    Ah i see! Well one of them had no idea it even existed i just showed him some wing chun and some other weird stuff a wing chun master showed me and he said " yeah i was practicing that stuff and it felt like all my movements were coming from a ball" I asked him about the ball again and he said his ball feels sick from smoking too many bongs and not doing the right things haha go figure. It does feel like a sort of "space down there". So during meditation i should just keep my mind to where i THINK it should be? otherwise i am absolutely aimless in meditation. P.S the tingling feeling seems to wash all over my body and in the points previously mentioned when i begin to become calm and take relaxing breathes, so maybe just keep them in the background if they happen and still focus on the Space? and i see what you mean about the sinking meaning healing. i just feel like id have alot more direction if i could feel the damn thing! thanks!!
  11. Help on healing! :D

    Haha i meant going to himalayas or somewhere!
  12. Help on healing! :D

    Hey there Gerard, Do you think this will help me find my dantien? I can do this stance very good with feet facing foward (all the wushu training). Thank you for you suggestions Hi Vonkrakenhaus. I understand what you mean, but we all have the energy but just different qualities. These other people i mentioned probably dont even live as healthy as me and have a full energy/ can feel their ball. Was thinking of going to a monestary at some point and just beg them to help me heal its come to that stage lol. desperation mode Thanks again guys
  13. Help on healing! :D

    That's interesting! cause i have 2 friends who are only beginner meditators at best who have found theirs - one of them i was showing a technique for fixing the wei qi that felt very nice and he called his hands magnet hands and said all his movements came from some ball inside himself. The other one stumbled across his during meditation and just described it as a spinning ball. I've read in the Indian tantra book we all have a lower center we just have to drop down to it - either way very frustrating because i just want to feel better. Yang Jwang Ming along with other teachers online have said use reverse breathing to locate the area, but maybe that's just their experience. Thanks for the luck mate! Hi VonKrakenhaus, Well yes obviously the first thing i want to do is heal the energy, but that is the entire reason for this post, I have tried all sorts of things from the herbs to do the needles etc etc. and am completely lost in terms of what to do Regards and thanks, Jack
  14. Help on healing! :D

    Thanks for that! Yes definitely aussie haha When i first felt the warm qihai area at the front, i was standing after some sticking hands training with a friend, so i thought i was onto something there, when I try to find the actual dantien i get lost, and feel like im just getting sensations of the front or back of my body and get disorientated, and apparently if there are blockages there will be no Ball there? If there is no ball how to feel the ball? Hopefully you see my dilemma, getting the tingles and feeling the 3 centres at their front and backs i thought i was feeling the radiation of the centres spinning outwards so i thought perhaps I was getting there. Was never much of an imaginative person in terms of visual stuff, so I'm definitely not trying to imagine something, only somewhat search for it. Is reverse breathing crucial to the feeling of this? I am hoping once i find this spinning egg then i can just focus on it forever and finally let things heal and live normally :D. Sorry for so many questions, I have searched far and wide to facilitate healing. In terms of depth I just hope my journey leads to some peace at the end!! Thanks again mate
  15. Help on healing! :D

    Sorry mate, was just wondering if you had a link to said videos, I have had alot of guidance over the years by very reputable masters, most of which have just said focus on the lower dantien. is it bad to keep the qihai/mingmen warm while trying to find this centre? THanks again