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  1. Qigong deviation, how can I solve?

    At most 30 minutes, but started with 10. I made 3 poses, tha basic standing, the "ball kept low" and the one in which you "hug" the ball at the chest (I don't remember the names), anyway the very basic poses. I made an appointment with a TCM medic, he practises acupuncture, he's 30 years experience, I hope he can help me out.
  2. Last month, On December 2018 I practiced for 10 days Zhan zhuang qigong but I did not make the practice correctly and I started to have some physiological complaints: blenching, gas, hear ringing (tinnitus), a comeback of reflux gastroesofagian and the worst a feeling of tension/pressure/malaise in the lower abdomen, even a fasciculation of the left eye (eyelid and around). Over time some symptoms are reduced, blenching, gas and reflux are back to normal, but I'm still having hear ringing, fascicolation (this seems to be reduced over the last few days), but I don't know why the sensations in the abdomen returned since a couple of days and this gave me a lot of fear, I risked two panic attacks (I have a story of anxiety, solved with a psychologist) Needless to say that I did not practice Qigong again (only those 10 days and stopped) and I'll never do, at least without a qualified teacher. At the moment I'm quite troubled and I don't know what to do, I have an idea, but I'd like somebody here to give me their opinions. Please consider that I am a newbie. Thank you.
  3. A newcomer here

    Hello, I'm a 34 years old man from Italy, I'm interested in Buddhism and I'm searching some help about Qigong, I'm sure I'm in the right place!