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  1. Just seeking my path

    I am seeking my path to immortality even with my youth. I hope that everyone has a successful journey.
  2. Just seeking my path

    Go against the heavens, even if there are rules, I don't care, they are there to be broken. As for the reason of existence, there isn't one right for all, you choose your own.
  3. Just seeking my path

    Obviously holding too tightly isn't good, especially to memories that bring pain and suffering but my belief is that my memories make me who I am I do not want to be something better than myself (Not to say I do not want to improve myself in every aspect but I want it to be myself aka. i don't want to lose my true self) I don't want to be something better and greater than human.
  4. Just seeking my path

    Although that may be true I would very much like to keep my memories.
  5. Just seeking my path

    thelerner Although growing old is an essential part of the human experience I believe that death isn't. If you are interested watch this video:
  6. Just seeking my path

    Hi s1va you could say that I am trying to achieve immortality of will so that even without a body and the construct of a universe and its physical laws I can exist.