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    Hallo Alleniverson! Great to have you here too! How are you? I have just started with Flying Phoenix qigong and I am so glad that I found it. Nothing to say yet but I can feel that the road is right and every day I learn something good. I have been reading and thinking a lot over years about life, me and higher values. I have so much work ahead of me and I will do it gladly I want to help people and for that I need to be on the right level to find teacher to learn and perfect my self as much I can. So for now, the road is open(as always ) and I will look and learn and hope that I find the way. Well I hope everybody finds it!
  2. Hello

    Hi, I am from Estonia and 42. I´m so happy, that I found that place here. Looking forward to learn a lot about qigong and spiritual growth. I have started Flying Phoenix qigong practice and I am also interested of Hermetism. Wish You all my very best wishes and hope You all find, what You are looking for. Kind regards!