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  1. High libido Kundalini

    manitou I am happy to help wherever I can. I can see I am going to like this forums with its simple giving and receiving experiences. Very nice!
  2. High libido Kundalini

    Is anybody going through Kundalini purging (like me) and using Haritaki powder. I bought it but I am not brave enough to use it though yogies does use it. (The only reason why I don't take it because I have a Kundalini purging already). Just interested in your knowledge and/or experience.
  3. High libido Kundalini

    You No. I didn't do anything spiritual. I was describing how K. is cyclically come and go and these symptoms we were experiencing on the body. For your hair you must do natural hair strengthening masks, wash your hair once a week, brush it only when it's necessary, let go of chemicals all together and using all the natural hair strengthening foods, like coconut oil, rose water, apple cider vinegar, E and A vitamin rich foods, good fats like avocado and essential oils. If you have long hair like me and colouring use Naturetint or henna based colouring methods and enough plant based protein should be fine. Yogies keep their hair up during the day in a bun (on the top of their crown chakra) and keep it braided during sleep. They do this to channel bioelectrical energy through their chakras so it would be less distructive in the time of emotional detoxing and release. The hair are channels for emotions. The more emotions you are releasing the more hair would fall out. The whole process is just releasing of old emotions and emotional energies.
  4. High libido Kundalini

    I never had any major health issues but since my Kundalini activated I cyclically cleansed away tumors from my ovaries, my breasts, many physical issues like heartburn, PCOS, skin rashes, hair loss, bone weakness, lower back pain and kidneys, my liver issues and now I have the tyroid problems. Obviously these are cleansing symptoms as they are coming and they are going. We are mostly doing intermittent fasting or almost whole day fasting and eating only once between 5-8 pm. We are not eating any animal meat, fish, seafood, dairy, eggs, gluten and heavily processed foods and oils and ready foods or even heavily cooked foods. Just cooking our soups and even bake our own bread. In the morning we start with fruits (even considering food combinations) and eating plant based protein (lentils, beans, seldomly soya or mizo), spirulina and chollera alga. The last one month I feel like to eat constantly. Exercises: We don't do anything apart from an everyday grounding practice as walking in nature for 2-3 hours mixed with little sitting down meditation - emptying our minds kind of practice. Because my skin rashes seems to stay as well I also would like to think that Qigong/ Tai-chi or both of them could help to more align with my body so I can adapt these bodily changes and symptoms better. I read somewhere that my skin rashes are from the constant overactive Kundalini that makes my digestive system slow down that much that elimination of the food literally almost stops and candida number grows and "try to help" to remove the unused food from the digestive tract to reduce possibly of illness. (I dunno but feels like really that I couldn't have digested almost anything). By now it's like changed. Now I can't wait to eat and enjoy it like a child. It's a reward for me.
  5. High libido Kundalini

    Thank you guys. I definitely feel that there is a huge change unfolding and today was very challenging to not get identified over again with the same old. We don't follow any technic or any methodology and I was identified with that might that's the problem and that's why I sort of feeling a stagnation (which is never a stagnation but less presentable for the eyes). Though just surrendering is I feel is not for the moment for me. I have many aspirations to manifest and I feel comfortable with the idea but littlebit afraid of them (normal). Kind of an invitation that I can make things happen now because all it's aligned to manifest. My Twin Flame with his total opposition could be a mirror of my inner fears or suppressed emotions from the past that also comes up with the exciting stuff. I know I need to focus on my purpose. My self healing and manifesting my desires I suppressed previously. Thank you for your guidance. Very much appreciated.
  6. High libido Kundalini

    I also have very strong appetite. Like I am indulging kind of because I feel there is a serious built up sexual energy inside of me and it needs to find the channel to come out somehow. I am indulging a healthier way possible though still have a force to eat every 2-3 hours for a month now. Like I didn't feel like to eat at all for month and now it's turning to the opposite. I don't like the feeling because it makes me feel like I am totally under the mercy of my Kundalini cleansing process and I am a Muppet on Her strings... wherever she pulls I am moved there. My Twin experience the same too but always expressing itself in the opposite ways like two sides of a magnet. Tantra or chakra cleansing or manifesting my desires could help in dissolving the energetic block?
  7. High libido Kundalini

    Thanks for your input. Why there is no 'return energy loop' there? Because I am blocked in my sacral chakra? I understand your way of approach but I still don't get it what could be the solution? Shall I keep moving where my desires and these random popping up dreams and ideas leading me or I just need to surrender completely and drop everything else. I believe in that I don't have to make choices I can do both I just need to balance. How balancing can come along between us and individually?
  8. High libido Kundalini

    Hello Everyone! I am very much new here, even to forums to be honest! Though as my life changed upside-down and my only mentor is my Twin Flame, it can happen that we can't see out of clouds sometimes. Both of our Kundalini had been activated when we had our first sexual encounter with my Twin Flame back in 2016, almost 3 years ago now. The reason why I know he is my Twin Flame because we are playing out all the tiny details on this phenomenon, we call Twin Flame journey, all the ups and downs, all the strange and blissful experiences and we are still together. As our individual metamorphosis are cyclically challenging with constant ups and downs and all different experiences and stages of healing directed by Kundalini, next to many other symptoms and signs and challenges, this one - I want to ask for guidance about - seems to challenge us the most. I lost all of my libido almost overnight after he triggered in me a childhood trauma on trust and abandonment. (We believe that that is one of the reasons!) Before that obviously we had a full-blown Kundalini activation with multiple orgasms, spontenious sacred sexual experiences, out of body (etheric or astral) sex and ecstatic orgasms at the same time with the physical thing and who knows what else we experienced that we weren't aware of at that time. After those few months, as it is in the big book, K. started to pull all the subconscious garbage up to the surface, so I guess that's what is happening now. Though I think we are in a stagnation-healing point, I experience tyroid problems with no libido, though I am eating healthy and both of us are vegan for one year and have more energy that we can handle (on and off insomnia) we don't understand why he has so high and constant sexual energies and drive, on the other hand I don't have any whatsoever and I also neglecting the relationship between us like I wouldn't love him anymore but I know I love him (I know he is important and dear to me and we are truly care of each other.) I know we are Twin Flames and I believe in us and kind of understand our struggle (not surrendering fully still, none of us yet) but nothing else is more interesting for me just to be creative and create something I can support others and humanity with. So I am obsessed with my past suppressed earthly goals and he is obsessed with not doing anything, not pursuing dreams and ideas and just be still and let go of everything. My question is how can we balance this two opposing too different perspectives and expressions of ours and how can we unite back and be out physical and spiritual needs within us. Because the Divine Feminine and D.M. manifests within us so differently I don't know how to and what to do to balance this out!? Why he has so high sex drive and why I have the exact opposite and turn to creativity instead to express my sexual energy through this channel? He is blaming me not working on myself to release the blockages in my sacral chakra. If I have a problem he is too right? Hope you can help me with this. Many thanks ahead!