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  1. LoneMan Pai

    Is that a good wow or a bad wow?
  2. Is any of this proven or real?

    what is cultivation for you all I should have asked first.
  3. Is any of this proven or real?

    To ignore that which is murky for what is clear makes sense in away, but what if you look at it as two halves and youre completely ignoring a half. At least for a little while, but wouldn't you spend energy making sense of that which doesn't make sense first if it will effects what's already clear and established? How did things get clear in the first place but by sifting through the unclear amd figuring out whats false and true.
  4. Is any of this proven or real?

    I read somewhere that the Dao is nature or the nature of things. Being in the flow of nature is being Dao correct? But if life and death is the nature of our existence and we can't see past that, how do we know we can achieve immortality of any kind? Does any classic or other kinds of text give an explanation of such things? or is there no logical way to cut it and you just have to have faith in a particular system of beliefs?
  5. Is any of this proven or real?

    Well I see a majority share the belief that We are already spiritually immortal. Are there other types of immortality? and how do people go about achieving each? It seems there are many different beliefs on the subject that take different routes. this is what makes it especially confusing.
  6. Is any of this proven or real?

    You've actually done cultivation? for how long? and what do you have to show for any progress? not trying to be disrepecrful with the question and if I am let me know. But I feel like their important when assessing validity i guess. Not saying you aren't, but to myself.
  7. Is any of this proven or real?

    Why Im on this journey? That is a powerful question that hits me deep. When I was a kid, alot of bad shit happened to me. My saving grace came in the for of superheroes from comicbooks but mainly from Dragon Ball with son Goku. I wanted to be that guy so powerful and strong that protected everyone amd everything, never letting the bad things that happened to me happen to them. And at the same time I wanted to be just a calm and at peace. One with nature kind of thing. If this helps you give me a better answer.
  8. Is any of this proven or real?

    That is a good question, I guess Im looking to prove to myself that what Ive seen and heard as far as the abilities that arise from certian training of neikung is real. Im looking for myself and my limits. So I can test and push them further if possible I guess.
  9. Is any of this proven or real?

    Idk, Im lost as it is. Maybe Im more focused on the Neikung side of things and how it brings a person to immortality and the abilites some claim from their training.
  10. Is any of this proven or real?

    Let me first state that I am here for learning. I don't have a particular system, or now too much about amy given system. I don't mean any disrespect to anyone and their own belief or system but it seems like the more I read on this stuff, the more cloudy it gets. It honestly feels like in order to find the truth you have to start from square one like the creators or founders or what have you, of a particular school. The point of Daoism and taoism is to achieve immortality correct? have any of the schools and sub-schools actually achieved this? how do they know that their diagrams are right compared to others? how do the know yin chi is stored here or yang chi there? or the behavior of chi and the dantien? Has any one achieved any of the promised achievments of this training that the daoist or taoist used? or have we been just going at it blind with no actual understanding of it? Like can anyone say we know this for sure for these logical and proven reason? idk im so confused and lost, I just want clarity. Especially before I try to rethink all that has already been taught and known and refined for thousands of years and start from the beginning to achieve what all are trying to achieve here.
  11. What is the purpose of neigong?

    Whats the end goal? the effects or by-products? How strong can it make a person? What are the main schools? which is best?
  12. Interested in the abilites developed by certain Lineages

    Dragons and Gates, the badassness is real. haha
  13. Interested in the abilites developed by certain Lineages

    That book is exactly what I was looking for, thank you very much. and I agree about entertaining discussion of Mo Pai as Ive read recently one with Ilovecoffee dicussing it. I kinda hope he see's this one and can maybe inform me better as well. Also, are you saying Mo pai and Longmen pai are not the same? can you tell me the difference please? if it isn't too much to ask.
  14. Interested in the abilites developed by certain Lineages

    I'm sure I will, and thank you for the welcoming. I recently heard a 2 part interview with a man who had studied Mo Pai with John Chang, his name being Jim McMillan. In one of the interviews he speaks of his training how the first three levels are building the foundation by fillimg the dantien with Qi and then compacting it. Stretching the dantien out, and then combining the yin and yang energies. He said that this was the foundation for developing the abilities. The way he spoke on the subject sounded like subsequent levels after were training to achieve new abilities. Which obviously conflicts woth youre saying, and no Ive not taken any of what I have read or seen to heart. Im not saying anyone is wrong or right, but rather looking for and explanation from different schools of thought so I can make a well informed decision on my next move. thank you subnote: I did see on one of the topics a recommendation for a book on the original methods of Longmen pai. Does anyone know the name of this book? if not, i'll just comb through that topic.
  15. Ive been doing lots of research, trying to gather as much information on such things as the abilities developed in certian lineages discussed in this forum, before I begin my own journey diving into the universe.