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  1. Thanks again everyone. I cut him out of my physical life almost a year ago by quitting his course, but cutting him off energetically has proved more difficult. You've confirmed my own feelings and worry on this, Zen Pig.
  2. Thank you all for your thoughts. I didn't do anything to be attacked, and certainly, I've always strived to be a virtuous person and have a strong belief in God, Source, Universal Love--however you wish to name that which created us and guides us. I am also of the belief that that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger, as one of you said above. I also believe we're never given more than we can handle, although that belief is now being stretched to the limit. The comment about Qi being a movement between poles of polarity resonates with what I'm going through. The person attacking me is the polar opposite of me. The person in question has been practicing qi gong and nei gong for 46 years, and can do what most of us would only refer to as magic. He has attained the siddhis some of us have read about, but many of us still wonder if they're in fact possible. I'm not sure how to find someone stronger than him (short of going to Wudan, China, which I can't afford to do), hence arriving here. But, unfortunately, power is often abused by those who seek it most. I think he is draining himself in some ways. He looked incredibly young for his age when I met him, but looks significantly older in only 2 years. I don't think it's doing him any good so I'm not sure why he persists, except that it may be a personality trait he can't fight. When I first met him, he offered me a free healing session. It ended up being an interview in which the answers to my questions seemed to confirm things for him, and kept lighting up his face. Reading one of his books a couple weeks later, I discovered why. He had a psychic dream about a woman 20 years ago that he wrote about in this first book, and due to my nationality, interests and the fact that my middle name is the same as the woman in the dream, he believes I am her. He believes we are twin flames. Something I'd never heard about before he mentioned them. At the end of the healing, he karate-chopped my spine without seeking permission or giving me warning. This later resulted in a partial kundalini awakening. And from there, I have fallen down a rabbit hole. Having my thoughts read, having my own energy overridden on a whim, daily pain from psychic attacks, and occasionally friendlier behavior--but still what I would call an attack, as it is without my permission. One of his former students labelled him a narcissistic psychopath. I think she hit the nail on the head. There are only a few people I can discuss this with. You are strangers, and I know I'm opening myself up to ridicule, disbelief and perhaps more trouble, but I feel one of my few powers is my truth and honesty, and desire to make the world a better place. I won't be silenced by this dishonest and misguided person, no matter how it makes me look. I know who I am. Maybe people with this attainment of power would never show up at these forums, but certainly, there must be people here who know it is possible, or know people with these abilities who might be able to help. If this is in your realm of knowledge or belief, and you have thoughts on something that could help, please get in touch. I want rid of this untoward connection. Thanks! PS It is not the kundalini causing these problems. It settled down about a month later.
  3. Thank you, Zen Pig. I have been cycling, running and dancing this past year to strengthen my physical body. While I appreciate I am more likely to encounter someone who can harm me in the physical world, it is the latter experience I am going through. However, trying to find someone with enough knowledge and internal power to help me--let alone believe me--is proving nigh on impossible.
  4. Thanks, wandelaar. From my experience, there are.
  5. I'm probably opening myself up here for ridicule, but I genuinely need help--and not of the psychiatric type. In an ideal world, chi will be used to heal. But what about when chi is intentionally used to harm? Is there a way to protect ourselves? In the physical world, if someone is bigger or stronger than you or has trained in martial arts, and you haven't, and they decide to attack you, you probably won't stand a chance against them. So in the energetic world, if someone is stronger and has trained for years in energy work and wants to attack you, how do you protect yourself when you're overpowered? Is it even possible? Would love any insight or thoughts on this. Thanks!
  6. Old lady / new member introducing herself

    Thank you all for the warm welcome! I'm glad to hear I'm in the right place. I look forward to some interesting conversations, and to understanding what's going on, why and next steps.
  7. Because I'm a rule follower, I'm doing as instructed and introducing myself. Last year I met with a spiritual teacher for a healing. I had no doubt of his abilities because I saw flashes of light in my mind's eye when around him and had morse code tinnitus ringing in my ears. At the end of the healing, he asked what I wanted more than anything and I told him that I wanted to know God and what happens when we die. Without warning or asking permission, he came around behind me and whacked my spine in several places. The next day I had a partial kundalini awakening. What has it awoken me to? The fact that this teacher is unethical and dark, extremely powerful and that the esoteric things I've believed in over the years exist. More than that, I'd prefer not to elaborate on with people who don't know me. Who am I? A 50 year old woman who doesn't understand the purpose of her kundalini awakening or how to open up her energetic body more. Why Tao? Because the 'healer' is a Taoist magician, and I believe qi gong and nei gong might hold some of the answers to my experience. I look forward to reading some of the posts and hopefully gaining insight into the rabbit hole I've fallen into. Thanks!