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  1. Went through the entire thread, trying to figure if Max’s I Jong stance, which is a simple Zhan Zhuang, aggravates an existing chronic sciatica. Maybe I made the mistake of adopting the Zhan Zhuang stance in the five elements positions too... with the briefest holding, my entire right side went into painful spasm. The second time I tried it after the first time effects waned, the same thing happened. Ive done Zhan Zhuang long before, and over months my sciatic pain increased. So I stopped. I think the pain comes with realignment... I would have healed if I’d persisted with some time and postural adjustments. Am am back at it now... intend to root out all structural and internal imbalance. Thank you you all for the insights in this thread.
  2. Vipassana and now kunlun

    Hey Adrian, are you practicing it too? It would be great to hear further from you on it, if so. I too have the 2014 version. You must be reading Zeland’s first book. Do look up Neville too.... his books and lectures are easily available on the net free of cost. Yeah, the synchronicity sure happens a lot. To share something with you - It likely pertains to kunlun clearing, because I rarely get ill — I suddenly came down with a very painful lump in my throat and headache this morning soon after practice, and by evening it just as suddenly disappeared. In AYP, (advanced yoga practices, a fire path as opposed to kunlun, a water path) we called it purification, and when something stayed for long, over purification. Pacing was the answer. Probably applies to kunlun too.
  3. Enlightened movies

    Did try... couldn’t find it in my part of the world.
  4. Enlightened movies

    The tv series ‘The mentalist’ is a pointer... though neither a film, nor metaphysical
  5. Enlightened movies

    Did I miss it, or did we leave out ‘inception’?
  6. Internal Alchemy - Where and How to start?

    No other way Apech cat. I was just cribbing to no avail. Unless one is able to see the end consistently.m
  7. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Nothing... was in the middle of kunlun this morning... and laughed mindlessly. Then sang tunelessly the rest od the morning
  8. Vipassana and now kunlun

    By the way, this is for any kunlun beginners that may stumble onto this... don’t begin without a rubber mat, fur rug or leather mat... I tried woollen shawl... but some days in have developed a low back pain. This is a result of ‘energy leakage’ affecting the kidneys that Max warns about on his site. If if I go deeper, I probably bought into that agreement... which is one way to populate your reality...
  9. Internal Alchemy - Where and How to start?

    Sorry Ben, I read your original post just now. You are looking at something specific... Nei Dan. So please strike off my earlier twopence...
  10. Internal Alchemy - Where and How to start?

    Apech, this is a veritable jungle.... not the list you’ve given, but the whole plethora of eastern ‘cultivation’, ‘inner’, healing’ practices. Could loose endless lifetimes wandering around, getting nowhere. There are definitely as many paths as people. There has to be simple inbuilt way of knowing, realising your potential, enlightenment, empowerment... all of it.
  11. Internal Alchemy - Where and How to start?

    Hi Ben Kaf, my twopence here... I read some of Yu Darryl’s books on chi Kung cultivation (ekindle books on amazon). They are very practical and easy to follow. Plus very result oriented. A martial Ian arts and healing master once told me that some of the simplest practices for cultivating chi are the most potent.
  12. Vipassana and now kunlun

    Liminal luke, I really appreciate that insight. I hadn’t heard of Sifu Jenny Lamb either. Awareness along with the bigger picture is the core of any practice, as it is with the entire life process. Which is why I could be doing rigorous practices for years and not really touch the heart of the inner self or the primary cause. Though every practice offers a bigger picture, the instant clarity and application I found with Neville Goddard and Vadim Zeland is outstanding. When I bring that consciousness to practices like Vipassana... it’s mind blowing. I’m sure many here with their deep practices will be able to benefit from them. Do you all do various forms of Qi gong?
  13. Vipassana and now kunlun

    Thelerner, thank you.... should I be at all surprised that Smile found the same connection between Vipassana and Kunlun that I was staring at. And I’ve just about begun both. Ive also had the same thoughts about time... it doesn’t exist, except in the human or earth experience. So all ‘past life’ experiences are created in this moment. Or in the moment of remembrance. And can be uncreated or recreated in the now. Apech , Thelerner has quoted Max’s answer about the need for insulation with the rug or rubber mat. I’m not in favour of extraneous props, but I reckon I’d go with the basic process till I know better, like thelerner. though neville and zeland moved me inside by miles, these two practices, V & K, have given me very speedy shifts physically, tangibly. This is has been incredibly useful for me Thelerner
  14. Vipassana and now kunlun

    Aetherous, there seem to be no teachers available to me. So will follow the book, and helpful advice such as yours.
  15. Vipassana and now kunlun

    Thank you Marblehead. Thank you for the very helpful advice and guidance Aetherous. I’ll see if I can find any teachers where I live