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  1. Mystical Christian Thread

    i'll chip in on what an immortal is to be thought of... we are life (some may call it chi) in a whole ocean of life itself. When our earthly body dies, our life force returns to the source. What we call our body is given by earth from our earthly mother and father (by blood), our life is given by our divine father, its from the first breath we take as we are born. When we die, we return our body to earth, and our breath to our father. What we have is what we got in the beginning, which is the same as in the end. But again the life that is inside this body is given to us before we are born, we gather earthly body (physical dimension of our life), to nourish and grow our life (or light body). Try read parable about talant, and you might get what i mean (try to see talant as what our life is, we can grow/invest it in what now called spirituality, or we can dwell on earthly desires) : Matthew 25:14-30 I'm not really satisfied on how i write this, as i myself feel something is not right, but i hope you get what i really meant Edit: Essene gospel of peace gives me more data about what is missing in our current bible. I think man shouldn't decide what is right and wrong, and let everyone read everything, and decide for themself, which is right for each. In the end, we live our own lives, and we die alone, let there be joy in our birth and death. I'm halfway into reading the 14 scriptures removed from bible, apocrypha, and many other things... and for now i believe there's one single truth that is called: the word, the law, dao, life, shiva, and whatever human may call it, that however one may try to cover it, it remains to be the truth. And i also believe its what we are seeking here, just be careful with words, because truth is more often more clear said in parables than in naked truth. I mean, its like describing the taste of some fruit you have never tasted before, one may visualize better how it tastes by comparing it to things one have eaten, than to say its sweet, sour, with slight bitter aftertaste. Once you've eaten the fruit, its realized and still no word will be able to describe how it tastes
  2. Mystical Christian Thread

    In my current understanding, the lion here points to desire, want, or something like devil's temptation, while also pointing that whatever one eats, it will become one with he who eat. So it refers to awareness; be aware when certain temptation occurs, or happening, so one can eat the lion: accept and let go the temptation, so man eats the lion, and the lion becomes human, or choose to fall prey to temptation, and let it devour the conscious mind, either way the lion will become human. Most visible example to this is something like rage, lust, grief, and most emotional dimension we have. They are like lion always stalking us, and take us by surprise, if we are aware, we can choose to act compulsively or consciously.
  3. Beginner questions

    Maybe didn't read through the questions, as they're clearly different situation. or maybe a genius yogi that can hold a child on lap while doing zhan zhuang.
  4. i'm gonna try this as well, i've used basic yoga (yoga for complete beginner from yoga-vidya on youtube), which served me well during my initial work. Edit: this yoga nidra thing, maybe the best practice for my wife... she always said that breathing training always cause her to feel sleepy, and so far no result because she slept so fast, lol
  5. no, walking as normal, is it necessary to shake while walking? still feel qi blanket around my arms and legs, or maybe its blood flowing, but the general feeling is qi-like Edit: But i massage my tensed muscles afterwards, i felt it deeply relaxing (the massage)
  6. is it normal if zhan zhuang induces tension around buttock, and calf muscle? i think i did it correctly (like knee not more forward than toes, keep my back straight, and just let the pelvis rest/hang on air). my experience with zhan zhuang: (wu ji and holding balloon position): my mind is relaxed, my body (spine) is relaxed, my head sometimes got confused what to do/where its normal/natural place (sometime causing tension below jade pillow area), mostly attention goes to my breath which then follows energy flow like usual. Sometime later, my pelvis got confused too on whether it should tilt forward, backward, or just stay in place (moves in a way that can't be described as subtle), also i always feel tension around my butt sides, and calves, sometime upper body sways back and forth (balancing, not sure if its qi) edit: i always thought zhan zhuang is for endurance, will it really work to release tensions? usually i maintain the position until trembles subside, then i walk around for a while as closing session
  7. Hi, as title stated, any pointer on how to release tensions from our limb? i've managed to release physical tensions from my back and abdomen area, but i find it difficult to "access" tension on my limbs (beyond shoulder and buttocks), now that less tensions are felt on my body, tensions on my limbs felt more pronounced (not pain, but more as discomforts) such in triceps area. My difficulty relates to how i feel less qi around my limbs (maybe because there are tensions?), and they (limbs) barely move during meditaion. Moving meditation is not yet in my understanding, i got too focused on moving that i feel les qi as well. Edit: i'm using sung breathing method, and starts doing ji ben qigong, which i think seems/feels similar to ba duan jin thank you for any responses
  8. Chinese Soul

    out of my capacity too, but i'm interested to learn as well
  9. Beginner questions

    lol, no... its different state, i do zhan zhuang midnight mostly, when no one is around, but sitting i sometime do while acompanying my oldest studying/doing homework, and sometime the younger kids just come and sit on my lap watching her sister. i find my awarenes is more focused when i watch my kids doing positive stuffs or chi feels stronger. Maybe because i really smille from my deepest realm, or i'm in a state of selfless Edit: Really do not add child into equation please
  10. Beginner questions

    Actually i want to recreate that event when the time/need arises. I mean, after conserving, its much better to indulge to the maximum possible experience, right? As i havent reach/be able to transform jing yet. How about that holding/let kid sit on lap while meditating, in my oppinion, it should be just fine, as we normally have qi around us, but what concerns me is during cleansing, we expel negative qi, and i wonder what will it do to others too close to us (the negative qi). There are some thought that once released, its no longer negative or positive qi, but just qi in its natural/neutral state as in returning to cosmos. Any idea?
  11. Qigong Beginner questions

    Yeah, been there, in my case its diapraghm getting tired or adjusting to new breathing. Try maintain straight posture (dont sit slouching or do any postures that press the stomach area), also massaging gently around the area below your rib helps me a lot. Now i can (to some degree) control my diaphragm movement at will, and can breathe more deeply. Just be patient and enjoy every positive changes you feel. (Like now i can smoke 2 packs of cigarettes without coughing, but that's not why i'm cultivating... i will let go of that habit when the time is right, for now i'll just enjoy it every moment, so when the time comes, i can say farewell without looking back)
  12. Qigong Beginner questions

    From my personal experience, focus on nowhere, i mean just observe/feel whats going on around and inside your body. Have your mind's eye and senses sensitive enough to feel deeper, or in simpler term: learning awareness. I think now i've been cultivating for 5 months, and only just recently i felt my lower dantian swirling inside. Just begin with being aware of all those sensation, observe them, don't put too much focus in any point (i had my chi stagnate around my solar plexus because of this - or at least that's my own conclusion, and its really annoying). But do put awareness around or on spots where you feel dull or distant pain, this is usually blockage. About lifting the sky, if you already do abdominal breathing unconciously, you should breate as normal (which should be abdominally, because your automatic mind already reprogrammed that way), breath in on going up, pause, breath out when going down. But the most important part is relaxed mind that follows the movement. In my case, dynamic qigong is somewhat better in avoiding stagnant chi. Again, i'm also a beginner, so don't take my words seriously before consulting more experienced guys. And don't be shy to point or correct me if my understanding is wrong, i have no teacher as well. thank you
  13. Beginner questions

    1. is it fine to hold child on my lap while meditating to clear blockages? I mean will it do them any harm, or will it help them avoid/clear their blockages as well? 2. i've experienced sudden erection during zhan zhuang which lasts for quite some time, and there are times when it suddenly malfunction (like when i'm too tired, etc). Is it possible to have intentional erection (like when i really need it, and have it rock hard)? 3. what is the cause of that sudden erection? thank you
  14. umm, is that the whole story? I was expecting something longer than that , or maybe i'm lost? Anyway, i like that painting a lot, that i looked bigger version of it, and set it as wallpaper, maybe i'll even print it large