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  1. Some Zhan Zhuang expierence

    Thank you all for answers, i practised for two days and nothing similar to previous experience happened. Just curious, is there any practice where you "breath in" through your right leg and "breath out" through your left one, in circle. I know moving energy through channels is somewhat dangerous, and should be attempted only on supervision on teacher. So only curious :).
  2. Hello, I want to share some experience while doing Zhan Zhuang(holding ball in front of chest) and would like to hear your thoughts what was going on. In the morning while practising, my left leg felt somehow strange(dislodged, in misalignment), then body did some violent moves (twisting and leaning to the left) after that somehow left leg felt integrated and body relaxed. But this afternoon during practice i felt that during breathing in energy raising up from the bottom of right leg upto the right side of head, and during breathing out like going down from left side of the head to the bottom of the left leg( or rather i would say it was my body pulling enegy up and down). Never had idea of such circular rotation, or ever tried doing anything like that (only tried some microcosmic orbit). I practise Zhang Zhuang and Ba Duan Jin (learned from book The Way of energy) and Five Tibetan Rites. Didn't felt any pain, was feeling quite good. Probably i should continue practising, making no big deal about such experience?
  3. The Shocking State of Human Insanity

    i guess they would need to form very very long slow moving line, and look at the pimple one by one. It would take almost 14 years if each of them took 3 seconds for looking. sorry, its not a good think to make joke on such stuff, but i couldn't help myself.
  4. I have been put on antipsychotics too. Before that i had good physical condition, was doing jogging, zhan zhuang and sitting meditation. After i started taking these drugs, my physical health and nervous system deteriorated fast. Although i was able to do exercises and meditation in the beginning, but because of effect of these drugs on my nervous system it had almost no positive effect. And after some time i lost ability to do any of these exercises and meditations. Its just my story, you might be on different drugs and it may effect you differently. Also i must warn you that drug withdrawal is very dangerous process, which may cause serious damage. I am not suggesting you to withdraw, i only want to warn you. I also have these various daydreams, they are getting more manageable and less intense now, but i would like some solution for that too, cause its really tiring sometimes.
  5. anti-depression drugs??

    I've been on anti-depresants and anti-psychotics. Please, don't ever consider taking these drugs and do everything to prevent others. I pray that this madness somehow stop.
  6. Hello

    I'm male 38 years old from Lithuania. I have been porn addict for many years. Damage from this was really scary. I found Buddhism teachings, meditation, started exercising, doing zhan zhuang. For some years i was porn free, and physical health restored. But then i had nervous breakdown, and was put on psychiatric drugs. These drugs totally destroyed nervous system, physical health and caused depression and suicidal psychosis . Also some drug switch caused frequent strong sexual urges, and since i had almost none mental strength, i was back on porn. Life was getting worse fast, until somehow survival instinct kicked in, and i dropped both porn and drugs. Withdrawal gave me experiences that was really bad and damaging, worse than i had when i was on drugs. It was real struggle. Now i am 10 month of the drugs, and for couple month i feel actually recovering and stabilizing a little. Buddhism teachings and meditation (also wuji qigong) helped me live through hard times. I found useful information here. Thank you.