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  1. Physical healing with Qigong

    @dosa And what would one do about that?
  2. Physical healing with Qigong

    @rideforever Thank you for your response. May I ask what systemic problem you experienced and perhaps what was the timeframe for it resolving (if I understood you correctly it has)? Yes, I have come to a similar conclusion about going about healing in a more holistic way. My initial change was to go vegan and eliminate processed food/sugar/alcohol etc. and that did help to a certain degree. Further, I have cut out a few people who really did not make me happy and that has increased my peace of mind. One theory that I have is that this stems from a lot of suppressed anger since childhood and that I've never really allowed myself to express my emotions and always pushed them deep inside, as when I grew up showing them was not a safe option. I have heard of the Outer dissolving technique but have a hard time grasping how it is done. I have had some brief experience with Sung breathing which seems to me are techniques with similar purpose? I have been under the impression that physical Qigong exercises was also able to clear blockages through cultivation and movement of qi? Is this still valid and for example the Outer dissolving is better at clearing them, or is dissolving the only way to achieve a clearing of blockages? Another thing that I keep wondering about is the concept of "qi cleansing". As I have understood it when you start practicing Qigong you initiate some kind of cleaning process - both on a physical and emotional level. Is this a real thing? Finally, when you talk of intense work - what would constitute intense? Several hours a day?
  3. Hello :)

    Thank you, Fa Xin!
  4. Hi everyone! I am new to this forum and my primary reason for joining is that I am looking to learn more about how Qigong can be used for applications of physical healing. 15 months ago I got struck by some unknown neurological disorder which involves 24/7 full-body tingling/crawling and burning pain as well as numbness and imparied coordination and motor function. I've gone through a neurological investigation and they find the symptoms in terms of coordination impairment but I am all clear with the MRI and nothing is found in spinal fluids - which is a blessing. In short, this has turned my life upside down and I am in search of some way to hopefully cure/fully reverse or at least stop progression and alleviate the pain and. The reason I have turned to and started practicing Qigong ( ~2 months of daily practice ) is that I found a TCM acupuncturist and that has helped in partially reversing sensory symptoms and also helped to some extent with the numbness. So far the Qigong has helped me to regain the fine-motorskills of my fingers as well as my ability to walk smoothly with my left leg and I am very interested to see what will be the result as I continue to practice and slowly increase the time of my daily sessions: Being new( both to forum and Qigong) I have a few questions to start with: In general - In what part of the forum would it be most suitable to ask questions regarding qi cultivation and medical applications of Qigong? Further - Does anyone have any personal experiences from healing "chronic" health problems (neurological or others) Qigong/Taichi etc.? I have read quite a few stories online regarding for example Wisdom Healing Qigong and Spring Forest Qigong among others and those results in combination with my own promising results (given the short timeframe) leaves me hopeful that there might be something to this.
  5. Hello :)

    Hi everyone! I am a 32 year old male. I have recently started practicing qigong practice as a way to find relief from a neurological condition which leaves me with 24/7 fullbody tingling/crawling sensations as well as burning pain and loss of sensation in extremities. I have gone through a neurological investigation and they find the symptoms but not the cause of it. The only help I have had in partially reversing these symptoms came from a TCM acupuncturist and as of then I feel that now my hope lies in learning how to cultivate qi and clearing my channels is the way out. My primary reason for joining is to learn more about qi-based healing modalities (Qi-gong and others?) and perhaps TCM. However, I have been practicing Zen meditation for about 10 years and practice various forms of yoga (among them Kundalini yoga) so despite my desire for healing my body I am also delighted to have found such a wonderful place with people who share a deep interest in spiritual practices as this has been something which I have been pursuing mostly on my own and in isolation.