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  1. My previous topic was related but i think it is too chaotic to ask in there new questions, previous So new pin-point topic. So. I've noticed that if i breath into belly so that belly expands, it results erections during the meditation, and afterwards higher energy and higher libido. (unless there's problems discussed in the previous topic) But i happened to realise that i sometimes breath accidentally another way: more towards genitals or perineum, and belly won't expand so much. The breathing feels sort of different, can't describe in details. But this latter one feels pretty destructive to me. It makes me feel very fatigued, drained, physically and mentally, also cold, also libido dissappears, and these can easily last for days, if i don't correct it by the first style of breathing. What's the difference? Why i have so drastic differences in results in these two? I'm pretty sure i should keep doing the first style, right? My pure guess is that perhaps there's too less energy in my system and latter style then does something.....
  2. Energy flows during meditation?

    As we all know, it's a life time road. Currently, I really struggle on this brow/forehead meditation. It's more struggle than meditation. But it's a long road. About learning. I'll keep trying..err i mean the trying not trying. At least the body restlessness is more or less ceased, for now. Thanks again for that above very good message
  3. Energy flows during meditation?

    I agree, there's already a lot of great replies, thanks for everyone about that, truly appreciating My biggest problems is just that i worry that i damage my body. Already have an experience of causing injury by ignoring things during meditation. And it's hard to ignore post-meditation symptoms, like some aches, or urinary difficulties caused by the prostate irritation So everytime when something "funny" happens during meditation it makes me alerted, and makes me analyze things, what happened, what caused. But this analyze is mostly post-meditational, i'm able to acknowledge and continue meditation if wanted but i'm trying to be careful, cautious.
  4. Energy flows during meditation?

    Thanks for reply! I'm reporting an experience relating this topic. So, yesterday i had again boner, and it left uncomfortable pressure in the pipes and prostate. Today, decided to try to keep concentration on forehead with om, and belly breathing. As i've also noticed this forehead meditation someway easies the pressure in pipes. It's like opposite force. The pressure decreased from prostate slowly along the pipes and same time pressure seemed to increase in area above scrotum and somewhere inside perineum. Well, i kept on concentrating what i was doing, forehead, breathing, om. The pressure down in the area was quite heavy but then my body began to sort of relax from up towards down. During this there was couple of full body twitches. Then something happened, not at the twitch point but some moments later. The pressure started to decreased rapidly, and there was cool breeze like sensation, starting from the pressure point, expanding everywhere into my body. There was no much other sensations, not pleasure, nor suffer, just mellow cool breeze. Also slight sweating same time. After that couldn't anymore keep concentrating as i'm not so fan of odd sensations during meditation. After meditation, having slight odd feel but nothing very odd, and the pressurepoint isn't there but there's some vibrations in that area and belly area. Also having some tension there. Some sensations of coolness and slight warmth also. Any thoughts what was this? Never happened to me before. edit: forgot that during meditation there was also ringing ears, high pitch sound, also after meditation but it has gone down pretty much. I have time to time some tinnitus like after meditation. edit2: Then a lot later, had warm good relaxed body sensations. Then middle of night had a bit odd dream which wasn't so horrible but i was reacting like it would had been. And when woke up, heart was beating pretty fast, and body had strong shivering all over. Not usual.
  5. Energy flows during meditation?

    Hello again! I played little bit around with these things. Switched from sitting style to standing meditation. And also learnt that at least part of my problem was probably giving too much awareness to physical reactions. Told to my mind during concentration: "forget physical, forget everything". Works. After turning more inwards in mind, just letting things come and go without even acknowledge them, they often ceases, or not even arise. Body has been a lot more calm. Exception are erections which just comes from somewhere. I feel it bit funny and odd that althought i have practiced years this is first time getting them very often during meditation. And i'm pretty confident i could do again also just sitting style but standing meditation is nice too! That Om/Aum, haven't yet learnt to use it properly, maybe some day And it seems concentration goes quite naturally somewhere between eye-brows while just trying to concentrate inwards.
  6. Energy flows during meditation?

    Thanks again for replies Reason why i chose "om mani padme hum" was i felt it gave better focus against especially external stimuli. Like sudden noises. With simple "om", i get feeling cannot find anything to concentrate at. I've given try to it quite many times. And concentrating on forehead (i mean between brows), i have had also often some challenges. I get often feeling that the spot isn't really at center. And it is feeling like wandering sometimes. I think that wander is caused by eyes, somehow. And i also suspect that my head might be little bit misaligned causing challenge to find the center. Need to sometimes remind my mind by touching finger the center that "there's the point!" Om and forehead feels challenging, it's more than "no effort". I'd say that i've managed maybe few times after a little struggle to found solid concentration at the center point. Also i have been thinking maybe i should try to use sort of figure as concentration point on mind but i'm not sure what figure i should choose. Some says like "concentrate on your master's figure/face or buddha", well, i don't own that good imagination. Mantra i felt as the best option so far i've tried. About teachers, well, i'm living in an area where these things aren't very popular, finding a real teacher would be quite a task. However, one book i liked said, when person is ready, the teacher will appear, hopefully so And it also stated something like that teacher is already in us althought we wouldn't find the physical one. And a little bit about energy flows. I've noticed another thing, if there's no much these body twitches, and pleasure things, my body can go into state where i feel cool/cold. And it's uncomfortable, the cold sensation stays inside body after meditation. Something is then blocked inside body i suppose. That pleasure-calmness leaves body into better state after meditation. So, it is always little bit lottery what will be the result. Though i shouldn't expect anything from meditation – just wouldn't want to get any negative from it to make my life (more) challenging. And the Kundalini things, i've read something about Kundalini syndrome things, usually result of forced rise. To be honest, i don'αΊ— even know should i believe in Kundalini but if there's even little chance that i could mess up my body and mind, i like to be careful. But there is energy flows, it just depends what words people are using to describe these things. About the length of session. I don't usually have any goal how long to keep on going. But i know clock will make me less likely to relax well (especially afraid of sudden shock of the alarm). I just let body/mind decide when it's enough. Never yet reached a state which made feel that could carry on "forever". Sometimes session can be less than 30 mins. It depends. Also the breathing is bit problematic. Some says just normal breathing is enough without abdomen, some says should breath into spine. I've noticed that breathing into abdomen relaxed greatly, felt good – if i can make it work. It's not so uncommon that i feel that my belly is sort of restricting the breath, can't get it feel so natural, smooth. Not sure why is that. Many things, many challenges It is always great to get suggestions, ideas, opinions, experiences to keep improving. Especially from more advanced practitioners
  7. Energy flows during meditation?

    Thanks for replies so far Today was again similar meditation session. Just more calm physically. Just, i cannot be comparing to "semen retention" act. I don't know the terms, is it tantra sex or how they call it? I think this what is happening is similar just without that real act. This time after body reached pleasure-calmness, i tried to continue meditating but it started soon again, pleasure-calmness, just it was more pleasurable. So it really sounds like what i've read about these "semen retention" sex. In my understanding, if there is pleasure during meditation, it should be okay, as far not be clinged on. But this doesn't anymore feel l ike "meditation" how i think meditation should be, althought i have read there can be bliss and so. Is this really still meditation? And about the moving energy through body. I'm not so familiar about this kind of stuff. I know something about hinduism kundalini things and forehead meditation. And i did read from a daoism book something about circling energy but it was very complex stuff to me "River Cart", there was so many things which i could do wrong way.
  8. Energy flows during meditation?

    Just in case, disclaimer, i'm not very sure about the forum rules: If you are underaged, please, don't continue reading this. Hello, so, my first real post, I'd like to get some guidance/opinions about something. It's about energy flows during meditation. I just finished my meditation session, and i feel it's now good moment to ask about these things. So it's easier to describe. Lately i've taken mantra meditation as my meditation exercise, as i had problems to stay focused. So i repeat gently and slowly "Om mani padme hum" in my mind. I can keep focus during meditation much better with mantra but my body is (still) doing things (as it often does during meditation). Althought this time i made sure my body is more relaxed than normally. Did some physical exercises beforehand to relax still more. In meditation, i kept repeating the mantra. After a while, arms started to jerk more and more heavily. Need to have some space around that won't hit hands anywhere. Then body started to sway and rock, back and forth, side to side, more heavily. Spine pushed also heavily on arc, sometimes just very straight. Then there was involuntary erection, which subsided after a while. Few involuntary noises from mouth during these. Then body relaxed again. There was warm pleasurable sensation somewhere inside pelvis, and then body/mind felt like floating in clouds. Such an effortless, good sensation. I kept meditating, repeating the mantra whole time, pulling focus on it if was about to lose it but i'm not used to meditate very long time, so this session lasted around 45 minutes. --- -- - So simple question, what is this stuff? Involuntary meditative masturbation? I can recall some people having "spiritual sex" by conserving semen during act or something like. This feels almost like that just it's not act mentally or physically though body wants to it be like it, it seems. I think i shouldn't try to block anything what happens during meditation. Just, these things are bit confusing, i could describe also as frustrating but i'm trying not to be frustrated In one topic in here i read, body sway or so was proposed to be energy channels clearing or so.
  9. Hello hello

    Hello hello everyone of you. Honestly, i have no much experience about this forum, just little bit checked some topics. Why i registered is that i have a problem-question which i think daoist practicers may could help me with. I know something about daoism, did read one related book but i'm not very familiar with the every technique things or terms. I know better buddhism and hinduism things.