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  1. Can We Know Truth?

    MopaiWarlord is beyond all limits, the unlimited power.
  2. Can We Know Truth?

    All living beings have ignorance and sin. All living beings are trapped in samsara.
  3. Can We Know Truth?

    Truth can be beyond "We". Personal truth is never the ultimate truth. Seeking Ultimate Truth, all means are not enough, only secret method works. Nobody knows this method.
  4. Third Eye is a horrifying ability.
  5. You have never experienced true MCO.
  6. One thing none of you amateurs knows about cultivation. There can be only one Mopai master in the world. Once you reach high level in practice everyone else practicing Mopai at high levels is your enemy. Is one of the main reason JC dissapeared or died. True @MopaiWarlord is one and only. The world of real cultivation is brutal and bloody, one person ascending means countless beings falling down into the abyss. Wtihout experience in real war and lethal martial arts it is foolish to step into cultivation world. You also must be sly and crafty to survive.
  7. Yes, I do not have MCO. Your Ego is having fun here? This is a problem of a mortal, you want something, yet you are not willing to grasp it. I know only one so far, John Chang. His MCO is about 70% opened, need to meet in person to tell whenever it is 100% or not.
  8. IF your MCO is not changing or affecting your health here and now, 100% chance you are not working with it, you are moving delusion or perception not the true qi power. If you cant see energy and living energy creatures when your eyes are open, or if you cant see physical world when your eyes are closed and blindfolded, there is 99% probability you do not have MCO. Real qi would move matter inside your body like telekinesis. You would feel it physically. Listening or learning from losers ends up by wasting time or life working with etherial nonreal energies. Is only my observation, but 99.99997% of practitioners who work with neikung, chikung, energy cultivation, never ever came across of activating real MCO. Mantak chia does not have MCO himself, but he has a book and seminars on how to open MCO. Regular person will not be able to move MCO however many hours he or she practices. After 10 years of practice and following guidance you may be as close as 1% to an open MCO. Have you ever come across the concept of consciousness development? Do you know the difference between cell, human body, and human civilization? In china there is a saying of immense difference between Heaven and Earth, but truly the difference between different level of consciousness cannot be surmounted by any amount of practice. Harder than to ascend heaven, harder than to become god, harder than strike immortal.
  9. I have to admit those tales are written well and help beginners to get into subject. They are helpful. But the scale of work aint so simple as it is described in books or understood by practitioners without true HEAVEN and EARTH chi experience. You might be circulating in your orbit some little tiny energy, sensation or feeling, that is not real orbit. When I am talking about orbit I mean very different thing that it is written inside any qigong or neigong mass published book or school. That is a secret knowledge passed from master to student and requires 10+ years of constant practice including godly talents and disposition. It is not as simple as you have three barriers, concentrate and energy will pass and bah your orbit is working. That is written in any Qigong book with simple anyone can do exercises.
  10. Rank beginner: Tai Chi or Qigong?

    Do some Tai Chi, remove tensions from body while doing slow movements and deep breathing, few months and you will see some improvements in health and energy levels. Need regular practice to keep positive effect.
  11. I have yet to see one person, who achieved that, ancient sages say, when you achieve circulation in the orbit you become immortal. Have you met one immortal yet? The idea that you can open orbit with simple practice is profane idea from the beginning. If only one could become a pound sterling billionaire by digging potatoes. Does not work in real life. So many empty thoughts, small circulation is needed as a power boost to start large circulation. One cannot open blocked meridians with other blocked meridians. Grand Circulation power is when you can freely fly your physical body in the sky and crush mountains with fist, good luck working with that.
  12. Looking for something real

    Practice fitness, good diet, positive thinking and chi kung? Not getting anywhere? This is bullshit, 2 hours a day will get you into a better health, sharper senses and better quality of life. Dont listen to those who say no results, those are people who do not practice. But if you want to go serious shit, gain abilities like pyrokinesis and levitation, become immortal. Just Don't. People who create such threads have never ever in the history of our planet made it any far in cultivation. Cultivation is not a joke. You will have to risk your life countless times, and there is a whooping 99.999% probability of death or significant internal damage in the process, that will halt your practice and lead to death from aging. Chi Kung and yoga is harmless practice, so is meditation, but avoid neikung and forbidden arts at all costs if you want to live any longer.
  13. Semen Retention: 100 Days and My Experiences

    It is defintely a good practice. Eatings grains and losing jing in sexual activities are two things taoism forbids for a good reason.
  14. Looking for something real

    Well, can you feel energy? Is it real? Can you think, are your thoughts real? When you meet people are they real beings? Can you prove it that you are not inside a virtual game or a dream right at this moment of time? I have travelled spirit planes and learned a lot from non-human entities, they were much more real than anybody here and possesed tremendous knowledge and abilities about space time principles. Searching for real in beginners often switches into a search for the depths of personal ignorance. There is a sunyata buddha philosophy that denies the reality of a matter, of human, and life, of time, of death and all other things that are open for perception. What you can perceive cannot be real, is only a perception, a virtual information.
  15. Most Powerful Blockage Clearance Technique ?

    What is the cause of your blockage? What type is your blockage? There is no universal way to clean it out. Some require physical massage or needles, some change in diet or herbal supplements, some go away with emotional cleanse. If you try removing physical blockage caused by food allergy with mental meditation you are bound to fail your whole life. I know too many of such people, who spend their whole life clearing out blockages which they create unkowingly their whole life. They keep thinking those are new or "deeper" blockages, but in fact it is one and the same, never fixed error.