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  1. With only one thought I can create a whole dimesion filled with billion of practitioners each of them is capable of thinking self to do any kind of condition or task.
  2. What does your diet look like?

    My diet is insanely good right now. Feel good about it and sharing this goodness with my taoist friends.
  3. To be exact they are all loaded with acid and "acid regulators" that will burn holes in your arteries and lead to cancer with time, is the only way things can live for 3-6-12-24 months on shelf and it is an official rule by FDA. He had a surgery it was all over the news few years ago, whenever is was a cancer or some other disease. People who have as much energy as Dalai Lama will not even pass entrance screening for preliminary exams in our school. The little energy he has is stagnant, MCO not working. Just forget it, not worth even thinking about. I would rather talk about frogs in the garden. I know DL is on salary for CIA (multi million dollar salary), and is used as a political figure to promote certain ideas or control masses. I have tried energy drinks for short period of time and experienced detox 2 days after dropping. The truth is, caffeine is damaging human nervous system. Good luck with going away from this addiction and other stimulants. It is much healthier to control nerve system with Qi rather than chemicals.
  4. It is normal to be in retention for whole life. Semen is only used for reproduction not to spread it around like a fool. What is fairly stupid and non-taoist is to spend thing used for giving life on temporary pleasures or tension release. It is not meant for these purposes. But tbh, retention is not meaning / equal to preservation or cultivation of sexual energy, you can get sick or dead, because there is nothing beyond retention. Like monks who abstain from sexual work. Then you get surgery operation like Dalai Lama, all because you do not have MCO.
  5. "If you don't bleed blood occasionally, you wont be able to create new blood, as old blood has nowhere to go" - Taoist expert advice from daobums Is why such people never ever achieve anything. In any kind of schools cutting white tiger and red dragon is only first step of cultivation, miss it and you can say goodbye to any internal practice.
  6. This is bullshit, you have no idea what you are talking about.
  7. Can We Know Truth?

    Energy mass bends gravity, bends light, bends time and space itself, when time is not walking, light is not flying, immortal becomes Power is everything An ego trying to understand what ego is. Spiritual and self search is just a waste of life. Poop defines poop, very interesting, continue. The concept that people are born as something special, something unique, something deserving a better life is so delusional.
  8. Can We Know Truth?

    That is the Secret Method.
  9. I have third eye open. You don't have it. I can see MCO, energy fields, energy bodies, ghosts and creatures of astral plane. You cannot. Buddha is not a top level, that someone should aim for. Is better to be @MopaiWarlord than some Buddha. I have started cultivating at a much younger age than Buddha.
  10. Can We Know Truth?

    MopaiWarlord is beyond all limits, the unlimited power.
  11. Can We Know Truth?

    All living beings have ignorance and sin. All living beings are trapped in samsara.
  12. Can We Know Truth?

    Truth can be beyond "We". Personal truth is never the ultimate truth. Seeking Ultimate Truth, all means are not enough, only secret method works. Nobody knows this method.
  13. Third Eye is a horrifying ability.
  14. You have never experienced true MCO.
  15. One thing none of you amateurs knows about cultivation. There can be only one Mopai master in the world. Once you reach high level in practice everyone else practicing Mopai at high levels is your enemy. Is one of the main reason JC dissapeared or died. True @MopaiWarlord is one and only. The world of real cultivation is brutal and bloody, one person ascending means countless beings falling down into the abyss. Wtihout experience in real war and lethal martial arts it is foolish to step into cultivation world. You also must be sly and crafty to survive.