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  1. If someone could reupload the interview that would be great. The link isn't working anymore. Thanks
  2. Thanks for your help. Her "gymnastic" routine is quite basic and she's 87. She does a few exercises standing / seating and lying down but it keeps her moving and more or less "agile". Want to encourage her to try Qigong and see if she likes it or not. For this it has to be as basic as possible. So coordinating leg movements together with arms and stuff is too much as well as coordinating everything with the breath. Will order the DVD for her and then move her through the sequence. From the videos I've seen she should be able to follow them easily after I've explained them a few times. thanks
  3. Hey guys, thought you could help maybe. I'm coming from the Yoga side of spiritual practices and work a lot with spontaneous kriyas which is similar to spontaneous qigong but uses Kundalini instead of Qi. I have tried some Qigong and liked it. Now I would like to find something that my grandma could practice everyday. She is doing her gymnastics moves every day for countless year to stay healthy but Qigong would be a lot better. So I wanted to know if someone can recommend something very simple, easy and basic. It has to have a DVD so she can move along with it. The biggest problem is that she only speaks German so I'd have to translate the instructions until she can do it along with the video. So far what I've come up with is Xiang Gong / Fragrant Qigong. It has only arm movements in level 1, doesn't require any breathing pattern or special focus of the mind and is quick and easy. The movements are also super easy to follow along. Any other ideas or opinions about the Xiang Gong?
  4. Hey guys

    hey everyone, currently I'm practicing Kriya yoga but I'm eager to see if I can somehow add Qigong to my practice. Tried it briefly from a book of Damo Mitchell and really liked how the energy is moving. It's very fascinating and definitely something I'd like to take a closer look at. Fortunately Damo Mitchell is doing a lot of seminars in Europe and so I plan to go to one of his foundation courses this fall.