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  1. 1 minute ago, Mudfoot said:

    Good. You defined your version of fraud. 


    But how do you know he cannot do the things he say he can do, and how do you know that he is not sure his method will do that? 


    And how do you know that another school fulfills the above? 


    Sure ill answer your questions.


    Nei gong means inner skill. 


    Having a teacher means he tested you and approved you thru testing. 


    Immortality is based off the history of the lineage meaning it is attributed to an immortal or Buddha thus making it worthwhile.


    So again what basis are you saying that lonemanpai methods lead to immortality.?  


    Look its not going to be me that pays the price for being wrong about this its going to be everyone who practices lonemanpai.


    Time reveals everything. 


    I hope your not wasting your time money and efforts just because you didnt ask a few questions..

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Mudfoot said:

    I realize you are amazed. ūüėĀ¬†


    You, on the other hand, might want to reread my post and your response to that. 


    How much are you off? 

    Let me count the ways? 


    Only by your inyour ability to answer any questions which means the whole thing is fake and make believe. 

  3. it's fraudulent to say that your going to teach someone something that you cant do yourself with a method/teaching that your not sure actually works. 


    Its like saying im going to teach someone to speak Arabic by eating glazed donuts an then charge monthly for it. An then suggest people who are actually learning from a language professor to leave them and join me.


    It's unethical and fraudulent.


    Its not crazy to ask for the teacher's credentials. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, Mudfoot said:

    It is a pun on Long Men Pai. 

    It is not daoist, it is not traditional, so don't get into a fret about the "Pai". 


    If you have questions about the skills, you could always join. ūüėĀ¬†

    But there are seated exercises of Nei gong type, standing exercises, and summonings based on Enochian (?) magic. 

    The purpose of the system and the goal of the system, well, you could always join. 


    Is SOTG a fraud? 

    Define fraud. 


    Is he claiming to teach a traditional chinese lineage? 

    No, he is claiming to teach what he teaches. No fraud there. You may dislike it, which is an other matter. 


    Is he powerful in his transmissions? Well, if you decide to take part of one, don't go to work that day. 


    Does that compare to your average three different lineages initiated Daoist priest? 

    Who knows. 

    Next question is, how do you find the time to practice material from three different spiritual lineages? 

    Or is it just a contest? 

    The one with the most lineages when he (becomes immortal) wins. ūüėĀ¬†


    Personally, I found LMP too dependent on focus and visualisation, so I stuck to my system. But I also found LMP a supportive place to hang, a couple of years ago. 


    Would I recommend LMP? 


    I wouldn't recommend my tradition either. 

    Pick something easier ūüėĀ.¬†



    Im amazed to the lengths you go to fully show your ignorance on the matter.


    In one of the lonemanpai videos on YouTube he states,


    "If you start bleeding out your ears or something like that let him know."


    Kinda screams he doesn't know what he is doing or the results of the practices and may hurt people thru them if he hasn't already.


    Neigong you say so what inner skill are you developing that leads to immortality and what kind and what level of immortality and who attained it with this practice?


    Immortality how do you know what that really is outside of books if no one actually explains it to you than how do you actually know?


    A transmission a transmission of what just energy? Is this what you think transmission means I mean really?


    Now the funniest thing is that you think you can attain immortality which you nothing about thru neigong which you know nothing about and in a Pai which isnt a Pai which you dont know why that is either.


    Kinda why I posted links to real Taoists.

  5. 1 hour ago, GSmaster said:


    Like someone seriously owes him answers and explanations.

    The history repeats itself over and over again, is hillarious.



    Well, if you cannot create a system then you are not a master. Master is someone who understands the topic on the level of changing it. Instructor is somebody who just teaches or passes what he was given before. For instance, I would consider Mantak Chia only an instructor, who passes what he was taught many many years ago. He did not create anything new in 50 years of practice, but I think he is happy with what he got from his teachers.


    Like if you know how universal principle's work you can create any exercise without a need to go and find an exercise in some book.

    There was a creator behind everything, and it is not like there was some original knowledge passed through generations since the age of dawn.


    Just not everyone can create things or improve things that already exist for generations. 

    And different exercises and approaches can ultimately lead to the same result, like there could be 999 ways to open 3rd eye and begin to see energy waves with your eyes.


    Whatever makes you feel better about made up bs. 


    Just says something about you that's all. That you dont care about standards quality or authenticity. That you will let any bozo in a mask teach any thing he made up...


    Are you that desperate and broke that you cant find and train with a real taoist or are you just that jaded?


    How broken are you on a scale of 1-10?


    Im sure that he is pirating it from a teacher he had.


    There is no way in hell that a professional would train with a guy like this. I dont give a damn what you say.


    Your not serious if you were you would find a real Taoist.


    Image result for lonemanpai

  6. Lonemanpai is made up.


    It's founder knows it and that's why he wears a mask makes it easier to scam people if they dont know who you are.


    Lonemanpai promoted itself on this very forum and on youtube. 


    Simply asking


    Who is he?

    Who is his teacher?

    What skill does he teach?

    What makes lonemanpai a Pai?


    Is not out of line. Especially since he is charging a monthly fee now.


    I know the cult brainwashing is real but these are simple questions that any teacher can answer.

  7. To be honest the whole lonemanpai thing is insanely shady to the whole mask and not knowing anything on the onset about the guy teaching it. 


    Image result for lonemanpai


    Its members insulting real masters who lived and trained in China who present their selves openly and honestly. Only makes you look shady as well. 

  8. 3 minutes ago, GSmaster said:


    Well, I suggest going back to school, somewhere in a 5th grade and study some physics, that is what you are missing.

    The video shows not a qigong skill but a simple trick which can be done by 10 year old without any physical power.

    The only thing he mastered, is the art of scamming and being shameless to do this on public video.


    You still believe he is real kungfu / pai master, haha.

     The scam is lonemanpai thats why he wears mask.


    Pretty obvious when you have common sense. 

    Image result for lonemanpai

  9. 9 minutes ago, GSmaster said:



    This is "hard" qigong practice, as it came to russia. You can see there are many people, must be thousands of those who have been scammed. Each seminar gathers up to a 100 disciples that pay up to 600$ or around this sum for this great teaching.




    This chinese guy brought it, and is the root of all evil. He claims this is iron shirt qigong, but in fact it is just a cheap trick, nothing to do with qigong practice anyone can do this.


    He actually created a story about himself being the prince of Tai-Chi.






    I asked about lonemanpai.


    Still no answers.


    Maybe because you dont know them or the fact that lonemanpai is complete bs.


    Im saying lonemanpai is bs its not a real Pai they dont even know what a Pai is.


    Cant answer simple questions like.


    Who is the teacher?

    Who was his teacher?

    What skill does he teach?

    What makes lonemanpai a Pai?


    Until there are answered Ill consider and state that lonemanpai is fraudulent because nothing about it can be verified at any level.


    Prove me wrong. Prove yourself.


    People talk about others when they cant stand the truth or hide from the truth within themselves.

  10. 5 hours ago, GSmaster said:


    Okay man, I might be harsh here, but chinese are harsh, and well life is harsh.

    Btw, I don't have any relation with SotG nor do I like his practices or the way he goes.

    I have much less interest in him, than you do, apparently).


    The guy in black tuxedo claiming to be kungfu master is outright a scammer.


    For evidence of this anyone could look his own video demonstrating a trick with breaking stone, watch it 0.25x slo'mo and you will see that he turns the stone up before breaking, does so many times so it is not so obvious for viewers, anyone can do this at home without any "kungfu or pai training.


    There is a saying, lied once, lied all the time. I would not trust anybody who makes an obvious lie in order to generate money and fool people. That is as far as it can get from behavior of enlightened being.


    I could take some time and find a dozen or more videos of "chigong / neigong" masters with lineage, scamming people with tricks, selling it for "iron shirt qigong" and e.t.c.



    Wait, I found another video where he is scamming his students 1.45 time.




    Lineage holder of some zhong yuang qigong, and obvious scammer, was showing tricks with breaking wooden sticks by paper for a tv program which made him widely popular.


    The reality is, most chigong teachers come from china in order to make money on fools, it is a pure business model has nothing to do with pai or skills beyond circus tricks. Some show circus tricks, some claim to belong to ancient lineage, some write books on flying dragons, crouching tigers, and how they were once taught by immortals. Nothing of this adds any credibility nor it benefits any of their students who in the end attain absolutely nothing beyond losing finance and an illusionary feeling that they are mastering qigong or internal arts.



    Why not, I could still come here, because I am still alive. When I will be truly dead, I won't come anymore, otherwise I could still be coming once a year or so. The world is small, there are only that many esoteric forums.



    Some pretty fantastical claims you all make.


    All of these replies an none of my questions answered...


    So you say the master of Mopai is dead and a necromancer and that a Priest in LongMenPai has no power and you accuse the Master of Guang Hua Pai of doing fake demonstrations. 


    So this is "lonemanpai"'s game.


    The privatization of neigong to induce others into sorcery while claims authentic masters who demonstrate their skills as fake.




    I think we all by know by now that lonemanpai and its founder is bs and fraudulent.


    But please continue id love to hear about how real kung fu and wudang masters are fake while showing no credentials of your own.

  11. 54 minutes ago, Abzu said:



    So you're making fun of a Crowleyian inspired goetia/qaballah/astral chatroom with qigong techs for not looking like a traditional Chinese lineage. 


    All 3 of us (including me) look dumb right now. 


    Let him wave his candles around in peace. 


    Now the techs, the part of this that is relevant, some of them are phenomenal, and I have benefited greatly from using them. 






    All those in the know know that magic cant hold up to kung fu.


    Magic can bring bad luck and entities and some sickness but it cant destroy the flesh and bones like kung fu can. In pure destructiveness it cant compare. 


    The Chinese are very good at understanding an insult even the slightest one. 


    By saying lonemanpai your saying that son of the gods is greater than 90% of the masters out there of authentic Pai because he created his own. 


    I believe there is hope for everyone even Sun Wukong in "Journey to the West" who rebelled against heaven and the Jade Emperor found salvation. After being subdued by Buddha's Palm. 


    Believe it or not Abzu I only wish you the best that's why I posted links to all the masters I recommended. 

    I hope that lonemanpai consider this as the work in the industry. 

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  12. Just now, Abzu said:

    i simply meant that it is a bad accusation from a logical standpoint. making assumptions is bad. pointless to a waste of time. 


    that being said, i look forward to looking into the forementioned story and pai 


    No its not. Asking for credentials isnt a waste of time.


    Paying and learning from a guy who may be bs is a waste of time.



  13. 53 minutes ago, Abzu said:


    imply or make that accusation is pretty harsh




    Life is harsh. Masters are harsh. You read the magus of java Pai Lok Nen took the eyes of Lim. They later fought so hard that each other died from the strikes - dim mak with shattered bones and busted organs.


    Even in Wing Chun they have eye strikes to permanently damage the eyes and low leg kicks to break the knees. This is taught before any internal power development..


    The Chinese are very thorough.


    I hope the teacher of LonManPai has thought of all of this.  

  14. 7 minutes ago, Abzu said:

    I think the issue is you're trying to fit lonemanpai into an eastern context, and it isn't the same. 


    his fault for framing his school that way 


    it's a standalone practice, closer to a western lodge than an eastern lineage.


    it utilizes eastern techniques and language, but is western in flavour


    the dude claims to be heavy on enochian ritual magick and has books about it. thus, the information is "channeled-coming from the unconscious." different from being passed down orally. 


    as with anything, the materials are more important than the picture they're framed in, and the utilizable technique is there.


    i don't get why you're focusing on him as an individual over the materials he has put out. what is the point in that  



    He uses the terms which alludes to it. Using those terms and accepting Toudai (students) and charging them a monthly fee like an instructor while recruiting online. Asking who he is - is just common sense. A just man presents himself justly like normal teachers.


    Ya know the more I think about it how much you wanna bet he took the practices from a real teacher put a new name on it and hid behind a mask and started a private forum?


    What do you think did I hit the nail on the head?


    If not an he didnt make it up than he learned it honestly and justly and has his teacher's permission to teach that's if his practices are authentic. An not made up or pirated. 


    Then answering my questions should be no problem.

  15. 6 hours ago, beachbum78 said:

    None of that answers any questions which I posed a few times.


    Who was his teacher?

    What does he teach?

    What skill did he develop?


    Saying your a Pai and doing neigong and jin dan alchemy and you are not a taoist or a kung fu master or chikung teacher is just fraudulent. (maybe that's why he wears the mask..)


    If he is a chikung teacher than what form of chikung does he teach?


    I mean how can you validate that he's not lying to you and just making it up?


    What makes lonemanpai a Pai?


    What just because he says so give me a break.


    How does he even know what a Pai is if he was never part of one?


    In fact,


    Until he answers the above questions I'll consider him and LoneManPai pure and utter fraud. 


    There is no proof that he didnt just make this shit up and is passing it off as legit.


    Should be easy to answer if he is authentic.

  16. Quote

    Personally my time and energy is too precious to spend on a guy who's credentials I cant verify.



    Your whole post just reiterates my point...


    Look if he cant verify himself. 


    Than he is a fraud. 


    If he can go around an say John Chang is dead and a necromancer than I can say until he shows some proof that he is an actual teacher with an authentic practice that he didnt make up than he is a fraud.


    LoneManPai is just made up bullshit prove me wrong.

  17. None of that answers any questions which I posed a few times.


    Who was his teacher?

    What does he teach?

    What skill did he develop?


    Saying your a Pai and doing neigong and jin dan alchemy and you are not a taoist or a kung fu master or chikung teacher is just fraudulent. (maybe that's why he wears the mask..)


    If he is a chikung teacher than what form of chikung does he teach?


    I mean how can you validate that he's not lying to you and just making it up?


    What makes lonemanpai a Pai?


    What just because he says so give me a break.


    How does he even know what a Pai is if he was never part of one?

  18. 1 hour ago, joeblast said:

    Who are you and what's your agenda?  My first guess would be you are but one of the many sotg has turned away, and thus you now have an agenda against him.  You're grapsing whatever you can to throw at a wall and you know nothing about what you're speaking of, you've conflated a handful of groups in the process, and you appear to just be a jilted non-student with a chip on his shoulder.


    Sotg isnt a daoist master, so why it is that you're talking shit about him for not doing daoist-ey things is idiotic.  Its not "valid taoist training" because its not daoist training (its more like a toolkit of the gods, as it were,) and timing was perhaps the main reason he called it lone man pai - it was just after the "western mo pai" group had been jumping the shark for years here trying to say they were training mo pai with half baked scraplets and not only with zero blessing from the lineage, its elders, masters, and spirits thereof - but with their explicit rejection.  Those guys had a forum, and when they let it lapse, sotg swiped the forum name and began teaching his own stuff there, and it has since moved on to other forums.  You can maybe complain about perhaps glomming some traffic but beyond that you are off in left field.  Your daoism, pai gripes are entirely inapplicable and are just you ignorantly bitching.


    Look, there's no such thing as spiritual welfare (sorry socialists, leftists, progressives) so you either put in da time or you dont get da shine.  One has to have methods that work if one has made some decent levels of achievement.  One isnt going to make attainment practicing garbage or a mishmash of shit.  Is that an agreeable angle?



    I trained with sotg for like 4 or 5 years and served as a sort of forum elder there, helping train people - partly because when he showed up here and I interacted with him and got to know him, he's a good guy with a good heart - and that's why he didnt charge anything for a long long time, living pretty barebones the entire time.  His practices are indeed super strong, which was partly why my breathwork material is included with all of his material, with my explicit permission.  I believed in his effort and it was my little part to help keep a focus on grounding and energy balance, it was all time well spent.


    There were times he would do transmissions, and sometimes they were an entire weekend, nonstop.  At minimum an order of magnitude stronger than the other ~5 I have met and received various transmissions from in my lifetime.  (And that includes a similar amount of time training Max's stuff and training with him in person numerous times.  Now perhaps I "never experienced his full power" or something, but offense brotha Max, wasnt even close.)  Those weekend ones were so intense, at times it would almost be debilitating, like I had a 4 trillion candlepower lighthouse in the middle of my head, coming out of my eye sockets, my nose, the sutures in my cranium - he didnt even have to say when the transmission started, there was no mistaking it - and it lasted as long as the transmission lasted. 



    So I dont know what your problem is bub, but here's someone with knowledge and experience in these matters to say that you are talking completely out of your ass.  The 3 most likely places you come from are -rejected student, -"western mo pai," or one of Drew's students, since Drew rarely misses an opportunity to write 10,000 words and shit on anyone who thinks anything less than eternal celibacy is the one and only path to anything whatsoever.  Originally the discussions about Drew were merely discussions about the celibacy angle, until "Drew heard we were talking about him" and thus developed a chip on his shoulder, as evidenced by his screeds in that other thread.


    Garbage shitposting like beachbum's (and drew's for that matter) reflect far more on beachbum than anyone else.  This is not even on topic for this thread, which is Longmen Pai.  That you cant even get this simple thing straight and just have to keep shitposting numerous times and slandering someone's name who absolutely does not deserve it - someone has to call this bullshit out.


    Guess I touched a nerve. 


    He's is not a taoist but claims to be a Pai and claims to be an alchemist doing Jindan sorcery correct me if im wrong. 


    Honestly its hard to take you seriously when the man you look up to is this. 


    Image result for lonemanpai


    I don't know whats worse him or his fanatical followers.


    You mention experiences and transmissions let me ask you what are you cultivating and what is it a transmission of an do you even know what that means?


    My intent which I posted above was to help people confused by lonemanpai (the name itself is an oxymoron) an find someone with credentials they can validate themselves. 


    Now this man is a 21st Generation Longmen (Dragon Gate) Daoist Priest, a Diplomat of Oriental Medicine certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), a Licensed Acupuncturist in the State of Texas, a professional member of the International Medical Veritas Association (IMVA) as well as a Zheng Yi Daoist Priest.



    (Ya know a real LongMen Daoist Priest)


    Now a picture of him in China at Wudang with his Sifu doesn't mean to much of anything ability wise that's true but it sure as hell doesn't hurt either.


    If you understand where im going with this it doesn't have to be the above man the point is valid credentials.  As I stated earlier.

  19. 4 hours ago, beachbum78 said:


    I agree $600.00 a year is a hefty price to not know who your teacher is or who his teacher was and to not know what skill your developing.  Lets put a light on some good teachers. 


    Here are some good teachers.






    Actually I posted a few so knock yourself out.