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  1. Call to Vikings!

    Ah, I thought you lived on Iceland Then I get it. Sounds like a beautiful spot anyway.
  2. Call to Vikings!

    Wait, so you live on Iceland and there's a lot of trees?! Or do you just live next to that national forest? Has everyone lied to me? x) It's dry as it can be on the island I'm living at now, we've finally gotten some rain, but everything is still yellow, and it looks like on some trees that the rain came too late. So wherever you are, is sure sounds like paradise.
  3. Call to Vikings!

    I guess I've been too much of a noob to notice.
  4. Thoughts on past "supernatural" experience?

    I'm not sure, I don't generally feel that drawn towards walking very far distances just for the sake of it. I'm more of a "sit down and observe" type of person.
  5. Call to Vikings!

    That's interesting. It wasn't that long ago I watched the new movies so I can't blame that on being too young, haha, I guess I just didn't think about it, I just enjoyed the movies.
  6. Thoughts on past "supernatural" experience?

    Polite and sometimes fun they sure are, and I guess if they had the right technology at that time, they could've pranked me!
  7. Thoughts on past "supernatural" experience?

    Alright, thank you for the clarification!
  8. Thoughts on past "supernatural" experience?

    It's definitely enough that we know what we mean despite lacking the right words, especially since it's so hard to explain I have not. I have never been to the north part of my country, which is a bit funny since it's probably there I will move someday. I've just never gotten around to do it! Is that walk one you recommend?
  9. Thoughts on past "supernatural" experience?

    So UFOs are more known to shine? Alien spirits checking me out almost sound a bit scary, haha. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. As said, it is quite impossible to find out exactly what is was I saw, but speculating sure is fun. I don't know if your text makes sense, but it made sense to me. I can relate to everything you just said, I just don't know if I would call it emptiness. It's hard to find a word which describes that room in me which display different types of calm nothingness, peace? And thank you, I'm glad I'm doing fine in some area at least
  10. Thoughts on past "supernatural" experience?

    I never did that, so I can't really know. Looking at it, or remembering it, I think my hand would've gone right through it if I were to try to touch it. Thank you for the thought, I'm not sure if I can picture that myself, but who knows
  11. Thoughts on past "supernatural" experience?

    That's interesting, thank you for your words! I'm not sure what change that would've been, after that age a lot happened, views on the world, feelings about the world, etc. But that could also just be the natural development of a kid, so no way for me to know. Oh, that kind of communication I can relate to! Though I have never really described my own experiences as communicating, I don't talk or listen, I just feel. Maybe that is what you do too? I am really not used to talking about these things, so it will probably take a while before I'm used to it, sorry if I come across a bit confused xD Alright, thank you!
  12. Thoughts on past "supernatural" experience?

    Hello! It was rather large, but not several meters in diameter, probably not even one meter, and it did not look like it would be hard. It looked a bit like a soft sun (soft as in not painful to look at and not as bright).
  13. Thoughts on past "supernatural" experience?

    I will do my best, thank you and have a good time! In the line of what others has mentioned or in another way?
  14. Thoughts on past "supernatural" experience?

    I've noticed I'm a bit of a sceptic, but I'm open for suggestions. My mind is not easily turned by ideas without the consent of my inner being (hard to describe), but if I feel something, and it all feels right, that is what I will go on. Maybe it was just a ball lightning, who knows. I'm open to ideas.