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  1. My first YiTube video

    wow I really loved hearing about the history. The meanings were very interesting. really good video you made there..
  2. Dream cycles and the 4 elements?

    I dream a lot. I haven't really noticed a pattern like that lately. Maybe it something specific to you.
  3. meat eater to vegetarian

    wow thanks for all the responses. Hmm.does sound better to try and taper off the meats and animal products little by little. I'm wanting to do it to become healthier. I've changed 90% of my diet to all organic lately. So, I guess there's a start.
  4. Hello from Jade

    thank you for the warm welcomes I like it here already
  5. meat eater to vegetarian

    What is the best way to transition into being one? I tried to go vegan which I know is different...I was so hungry..What foods will make you feel full and keep you from feeling hungry? Where is a good place to get recipes? Thank you.
  6. Digitized Occult manuscripts

    Thank you..They really look like good finds.
  7. Hello from Jade

    Hello. I'm Jade from South Carolina. I follow the left hand path. Hope to participate and learn some things.