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  1. Any bums workout?

    Hi, would like to take an advice from more expert people in physical training. The problem is the following: I am currently practicing a very slow and physically 'effortless' form of QiGong, that also requires abstaining from other types of energy work. I am doing this beacuse a have a condition that involves nerve entrapment in my pelvic floor, and the QiGong is helping in resolving the problem. As for the physical training, i used to train a strenght protocol in a powerlifting gym 3x a week, but I stopped beacuse squats and deadlift caused a lot of flare ups and pain in the area. I also tried bodyweight training, but just involving abs and legs in the training causes problems. So I'm trying to find a suitable way to retain my strenght and remaining quite lean; As for the diet I practice intermittent fasting and follow a high protein diet, but physically there's not much I can do. My thought is that maybe I could just walk a good amount of minutes every day, but this won't stop the shrinking of my muscle mass, so any idea in this regard is greatly appreciated. Anyway, if I can contribute to this discussion: I strongly advise everyone to read 'The Primal Blueprint fitness guide' , and just to try weightlifting. It can be a game changer, and if followed in a sustanaible way ( no harsh diets, no overtraing, exercise variations) can be a wonderful lifelong companion, that will help in almost any aspect of your life! I also enjoy bodyweight training a lot ( you can refer to for that and other countless resources), but I think it's a bit more time consumig and requires a lot of other good skills like flexibility and coordination. To keep it short, train, but don't forget to have fun. Take training not as a homework but as a moment to play and explore
  2. This is what chi really is

    Hi, as an engineering student with some interests in physics I'm trying to gather all the informations I can about this topic, to try to understand what we are talking about. Let's assume this orgone energy is composed by a flux of energy, made both by positive and negative charges, as told in William Reich's papers. I can try to understand how an accumulator of such energy could help enhance this flux, much like things like meditations or energy practice also do, balancing, harmonizing and improving the Qi flow. I can also accept that this flow of energy can be affected by other forms of energy, like EMfields or Wi Fi, or also sunlight or mechanical energy (in QiGong practice its always said that tight muscles block the Qi flow). What I cannot really understand is how a piece of so called orgonite can interact with those fields and turn the negative charge into positive charge, as said by the promotors of this device. In QiGong practice, as is in my current knowledge, what is searched is not one of the two kind of energies, but rather equilibrium and a proper flux of both. So if we think orgone energy is somewhat similar to Qi, would a device that turns negative into positive charge disrupt the balance and thus generating problems and stagnations? I red that a lot of people feels better when around this devices, so if we ignore the suggestion comoponent, those object have a real effect. Maybe the orgonite is just a device that improves overall orgone/qi flow, in opposition to other form of energy that stop them? So maybe it's mechanism is better told by the opposition between flow and no-flow? Thanks to anyone answering. If you have some more clear material I would really like to read it.
  3. orgonite

    Hi, I'm quite interested in buying and using some towerbusters as i live near a big electrical powerline. Do you think it could have some detrimental effects on QiGong cultivavation? have you hade any experience in this regard?
  4. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    Thabk you again,I think I understand. Last observation, probably common to every QiGong style: I find that since I practice I sleep much less and also eat less, like 6 hours at night, but I do not feel tired or confused. I hope this will not affect my health or mental clarity😂
  5. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    Wonderful, I will PM so I won't disperse the topic. I was also wondering why did such a powerful practice not spread much more than it actually did? I understand that Chinese Communist goverment didn't like big groups of people gathering so it banned it, but now with the help of Internet it should have spread all over the globe. Maybe daily commitment it's the obstacle?
  6. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    Not wanting to go off topic but since that I always carry my musican custom made earplugs to every gig/concert, they cut off unwanted noise and even give a better spectrum and clarity of the music you're listening, so in this sense you're absolutely right, and I advice every musican and/or concert goer to do the same.
  7. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    Starjumper: I'm quite young, 21 years old. The tinnitus started when I was 16 probably due to drum practice and incorrect listening hygiene(loud music in headphones, frequent rock concerts ecc), so I think there's a significant hear loss component in that ( on Wikipedia you can read something about cells in the cochela dying and the brain replacing the missing frequencies with tinnitus). However, in my 18 it worsened a lot, and it was linked with a feeling of blocked ears, fullness, and sinusitis. I started general QiGong practice about 4 months ago, with 8 brocades and five elements qigong series on youtube. One month and half ago I started fragrant, but I made some mistakes for the first ten days or so, so I would say it's one month of real practice. My tinnitus followed this evolution: 1st month--> no change 2nd month--> down to 8/10, often feeling of dripping in the ear and nose 3rd month---->6/10 now-->2/10, right after practice it tends to zero and raises during the day. Considerations (Always remember that I'm no expert and all this is about my own personal experience): if I refer to my starting condition as 10, I could say that every day of QiGong practice brings it down of 0.1, while incorrect expositions to noises and or music concerts raises it of like 0.5. I'm pretty confident that if you're tinnutus comes partially from fluid in ears it can be helped significantly. About complete resolution, my knowledge is that cochlea cells do not regenerate, so probably we'll never achieve that, almost like no practice can let you regrow an arm (but I sincerely hope QiGong surprises us about this last statement). I know how much distress this condition can cause and I sincerely hope you can solve that, also, when I will have more experience in QiGong I'm going to open a topic about this problem. Moreover: Should I ask you directly to Master Dolic or also you? I'm very curios about stories of fragrant practice leading to healing, as anyone I think, but also about how it is possible that this form improves intelligence and concentration quality (I always tought it was a fixated quality for an adult). I'm also surprised by the fact that practice seems to balance my emotions and outcomes with other people, so any story in this regard would be really appreciated! Again, thank you very much for your knowledge and I apologize if my english is not really delightful to read😂
  8. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    Hi, just wanted to share my short personal experience with this form and ask something about the second level. I've been doing the first level for about a month and a half, two times a day. I tried to follow strictly the rules for the practice, and I strongly advise to do so to everyone. As for the healing, I had some nasty condition that involves nerve entrampent and muscle spasm that seems to be like 80% gone. Also, my tinnitus reverted from quite noticeable (45 deciBels to give an aproximation, to almost not udible, I would say 10 dB with a very low buzz tone), so in this regard I'm very happy and looking forward to achieve 1 year of practice. Generally I feel more confident, have more energy, my mood lifted and my temperament molded a bit. I also find that I enjoy music much more than before and eat less. As for the sensation during practice, I have to say that I am an absolute beginner in QiGong, so maybe I just experienced the normal way of things. My sensations are: buzzing in ears, numbness in hands and feet, deep relaxation of leg muscles, feeling of something dripping inside my throath and inside my eustachian tubes and ears. During the meditation part: intense cold, inexplicable happiness, goosebumps and "vision" of a river and/or a big waterfall when I close my eyes. Never smelled anything unusual, but after practice the smell of things seems to be much stronger. I hope this short report can help someone. For the second level I wanted to ask if it's better to get the Dvd from Master John Dolic? I understand that learning from the PDF source leads to an incomplete teaching, since the movement are more complicated than the first level. Also, if you know any knowledgeable master in Europe I could consider to personally learn from him. I'm Italian, so if it's possible to meet him in southern Europe I would be really happy. When I'll complete the 'six months trial' 😂 of this practice I'm considering to introduce my family to it, so hopefully we will do group practice and again test this system with more people. P.S. (Special thanks to Earl Grey 😀 for solving some doubts about Xiang Gong practice)
  9. Hello Everybody

    Hello everyone, I'm continuing the XiangGong practice and I think I'll stick to it for at least another five months, as the Master suggests. However, I liked very much the mental focus required from other QiGong forms, so my question is: considering that my main focus is health and secondly mood/behavioral development, would it be wise to explore other forms (that are suitable for a beginner like the 8 brocades) togheter with Zhan Zhuang? How much time is required to "experiment" if a QiGong form resonates well with me? Skimming on the forum I red a lot about other forms but being a musician I know how important are the basics, so I don't want to get lost in advanced practice but rather to build a strong foundation that will serve me for life while I experiment with variuos forms. Again, thank you for every bit of knowledge shared, I hope to write soon a report and share my personal experience with Fragrant Qigong.
  10. I'll try to revive this old topic. If piercings/earrings affect the qi flow, could wearing a very conductive metal as gold or copper help it? Of course qi is not simply a bioelectromagnetic field, but since Dr. Yang partially refers to it as such, why not to try?
  11. Self-massage Qigong

    Hi, I would like to hear your experience about mixing self massage in this style and Xiang Gong or Eight Brocades or any other Qigong style, especially if it led to some problems or similar. Also, if you experienced some way to improve self massage regarding to times of the day, after or before qigong practice and so on!
  12. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    Hi, I'm really interested in Fragrant Qigong and I have some questions about it. The first is how massage techniques relates with this qigong and in general with others practices. Personally I found it to be quite relaxing and energizing but master Tian warns not to mix Fragrant Qigong with other methods, so I don't want to keep doing it and eventually cause problems. The other question is about the feeling during sessions: i feel some tingling and mild numbness all over the body, especially lower back, hands and rear legs, but I never experienced the strong fragrances that the Master talks about; does this mean that my practice is not completely correct? Anyway I'm an almost total novice in energy practice, but for now this qigong set made me feel the strongest energy sensations and helped me the most in comparison to others methods (five elements, eight brocades), but still in a really subtle scale. For this reason I'm eager to know if other people persisted in its practice and which kind of benefits they reported. Happy practice to everybody!
  13. Hello Everybody

    Thank you very much for your warm welcome. I encourage every practioner of XiangGong reading this presentation to answer to this thread or to send me a brief pm with their experience and thoughts on this practice. If i may expand a little bit my presentation, I will add some information about me and my interests. I'm a chemical engineering student and an avid reader,(when my limited time allows it) and bass guitar and drums player. Often, during music practice, i find myself in a sort of meditative mood and for this reason I am very keen to further understand how meditation works and it's related to our mind. I also practice weightlifting and found it to be a very good activity for body and mind, althought I'm still almost a complete novice in this field. Regarding to Qigong and general energy arts, I started practising and reading due to a health issue, something called pudendal neuropathy or also chronic pelvic pain syndrome, that I happen to have in a mild way. Sadly this condition is almost unknown and not totally curable by modern western medicine, so I expanded my researches into Chinese medicine, particulary in Qigong. I also have some mild tinnitus, probably due to drum practice, but it never bothered me very much. Regarding my "education" in this fields, I only learned from online sources, youtube videos and forums. So far, I've red some books from the YMAA from Dr. Yang, like Meridian Qigong, Eight brocades and Muscle/Tendon Changing classic. I've also red the booklet of the American Qigong association about XiangGong level one and some other booklets. About my practice, until now I practised for a very short time and never personally with a master; So far I practised the 8 Pieces of brocades as described by Dr. Yang for about four months and found it to be really beneficial for mood, focus and general muscle equilibrium , but I didn't notice any improvement in my condition. One month ago I started XiangGong practice and stopped others practices as said in the booklet, and I experienced a small but noticeable improvement in mood, focus, and muscle spams and pains that is linked to my neuropathy. Also, my tinnitus improved dramatically going from 5 to 0,5 in a 10-0 scale. Thanks to anybody reading this wall of text, have a good evening!
  14. Hello Everybody

    Hello everybody, I'm new to the forum. I'm a male 21 years old guy from Italy, I came across Qigong practice due to a minor health issue but the more I read and learn the more I would like to understand and experiment with this ancient practice. At the moment I'm practising level 1 XiangGong, also known as Fragrant Qigong, but sadly I needed to learn it from the Internet due to the lack of good teachers in my area. I wish everyone happy learning and experimentations, and pretty soon I will post in the dedicated area of the forum some questions about correct Qigong pratice. Thank you very much for keeping alive the research and learnings about this extremely fascinating arts. I would like to wish everybody a good evening and also to apologize if my english sounds a bit rusty or verbose.