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  1. Third Eye Block?

    Hey people, my first post here and actually my main reason for browsing for forums to join. I don't know what this means but whenever I try practice using my third eye to SEE visualizations instead of just visualizing and having my brain create something, I see this alternating pattern of light and dark like a black and white stripe pattern. What tends to happen is: - I sit and focus on my third eye - I try to open it, my ego likes to say "yeah it's open I'm the best" but my other senses tell me otherwise. I can only slightly open my eye, somewhat like squinting - A bright light begins to grow from a single point and expands but before I feel like I'll see something, I see the black and white stripe pattern Now I have a few theories and my gut tells me something but I'd like to ask you guys what you think. I wanna get an outside opinion from others on a spiritual path (and yes, I know when it comes down to it I need to trust myself and my own feelings) Thanks!
  2. Hey from the inbetween

    Thanks for the reply guys! I'm more than happy to share some of my stories with the community. It feels lonesome being unable to share with general people since I feel like I'd be labelled a freak rather than someone along their path with no choice of happenstance and honestly I wouldn't have it any other way. Lost in Translation: I find it hard to decipher which people actually have experienced otherworldly phenomena from those who simply misunderstand situations and distort the reality with a pinch of their own ego. Either way though, I feel more at home with the "crazies" than the normies Starjumper: I'd like to think I'm friends with some. I have a story about a baby dragon, though I'm still unsure if it was an ACTUAL familiar or simply my energy reflecting and personifying as one during my energetic "puberty" when my life took a turn into astral lane aha Limahong: aww thank you! If you're the resident dragon lover I definitely want to hear more from you! Stormhealer: that's awesome, a kindred soul amongst the sea of faceless. I really want to know your take on Metatron's cube. I've been pointed towards it by my higher self and Metatron during times of hardship, both of my own life and others (even complete strangers' lives) to first visualize it forming and then spinning. The faster the spin, the purer the energy correction I found. Btw that video you pointed out from Limahong's gif is epic. I love the idea of the Great Wall being an extremely long dragon using it's body to protect the Chinese from horrible invaders
  3. Hey from the inbetween

    Hello everyone, just found this forum and thought it stuck out from the other "magical" forums for being a bit more um.. sane. A bit about me; I'm a psychopomp and have a connection with the scribe Metatron. I can't communicate with the dead and tell them to move on, rather I act as a soul conductor where my energy is tied to a portal I open and close which they pass through. My mother's a medium (but she's pretty much closed herself off from it all, and I don't blame her) and her psychic friends have visited and have said my house feels transient, like a train station and that they can feel a portal in my room. I've had truly bizarre shit happen to me but I remain the biggest skeptic. I really don't want to believe in any of this but the universe has a strange way of pushing us towards what it wants to reveal. For starters I've picked 3 four leaf clovers in my life, all within a year. Each time I've picked one, someone died. The last clover I picked was the weirdest, I dropped a dollar while walking, picked it up and out from underneath was a 4 leafer standing tall and ominous with no other clovers remotely near it. I also feel death and have had visions of people attached with that feeling of death, and I'd know their time was soon ending. I'm not one for rituals or elaborate altar set ups, mine's pretty small. I've heard multiple times that the entire point of practicing rituals is to never need to physically do them, that the point is to build a mental altar in the mind where one can manipulate and change energy flow to accomplish the same, so that is what I practice: energy manipulation and inner work. The outer world shift as the inner world does. I've manifested multiple people, jobs and events and work on spreading true, unconditional fiery love on an unseen, energetic level. I also have a huge attraction to dragons and morph my own energetic field into their shapes when I need protection. I've written a lot but have hundreds more to write as time goes on and I acquaint myself with the community and get to know some of you. Bye for now!