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  1. Jnana yoga leading to the opening of chakras?

    What I mean is some stable and ever-lasting awareness or compassion rooted on body after opening the chakras or central channel, and whether jnana yoga can lead to the result upon body.
  2. Jnana yoga leading to the opening of chakras?

    Thanks for your answers. Can you elaborate the stages? I haven't seen them in Vedanta or Shavism perspective.
  3. Jnana yoga leading to the opening of chakras?

    Thanks for explanation. What I am talking about is something mentioned by Michale Singer. In his books, he mentions after some shaktipot or even naturally, something always stays continuously behind eyes and heart - awareness and compassion on each. I interpreted them as post-experience of opening chakras, so I thought it is the completion (even though more will come after the stage) of realization in terms of body. Any more comments on this?
  4. Hi, I am wondering if Advaita vedanta (or Kashmir shavism), the most prominent types of jnana yoga can lead students to the opening of chakras. Some say that just reading, listening or self-enquiry makes it possible to open chakras. Is it really possible? Thanks
  5. 8 week Madhyamaka course

    Miroku, I was about to study Madhyamaka, and this is the great source!! Thanks for your posting!
  6. Online learning on Tibetan Buddhism

    Thanks Miroku, I didn't know there are many as you mentioned. I will check one by one.
  7. Hi Everyone, I would like to learn Tibetan buddhism teachings on online. I know 2 sites and fabecook by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche. Do you know other Rinpoches providing online teachings? Can you share the links? I don't mind real-time teachings, recorded teachings, or any kinds. Thanks in advance.
  8. Dzogchen teachers and online teachings

    Hi Miroku Thanks for your comment. At this moment I cannot travel on personal matter. But I am willing to find good and reliable teachers. It looks like not easy to find a teacher good as well as mathing with me. I will try harder! Thanks again!
  9. Dzogchen teachers and online teachings

    Hi Steve, Thanks for your good comments. I need some more info. Could you explain about what will be the contents in the 10 sessions in the Oral Teachings? What preliminary knowledge is required? Could you introduce Geshe Ten Gelek ? You seem to be familiar with Bon Dzogchen. Can you explain similarities and differences of Dzogchen between Bon and Nyingma? Thanks
  10. Hi all, 1) There could be many great Dzogchen teachers over the world, and I would like to know their different perspectives on the teachings, and teaching styles. Would you explain the details? 2) At this moment, I can learn the Dzogchen only by online. Is there any good online Dzogchen teachings that I can learn as webcasts or online streaming? I'll be seriously waiting for your replies. Many thanks
  11. Interested in Dzogchen

    Hi, I am interested in Dzogchen. Hope that we help each other here! Thanks