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  1. Hello Forum

    hi LimA, As far as I can tell, it's the same "gua" as "bagua". Regards, Tedd
  2. Hello - Have anyone ever heard of the name "Li Pek Wen" or "Li Pe Wen"? NOTE: Please consider it a "fuzzy" reference to the name, as I may get the surname wrong or the name pin-yin incorrect! That name was told to me verbally a while back... Supposedly a really famous daoist author of the ancient... Though I have no idea what he wrote!!! Thanks, Tedd
  3. Hello Forum

    Hmm.. Dragonboat festival, aware of it, though can't recall having ever attended one when at home. There is dragonboat festival yearly where I am now, but probably more for social/sport purposes without any awareness of the tradition. Rice dumpling - yes, we do make that at home, but i haven't have those for years!
  4. Hello - Can I have please be granted access to the mens forum? Thanks.
  5. Hello Forum

    Hiya LimA Whoa re: tainted candy! Not sure what you mean by unloading. Last i had one of those was approx 22 years ago now. Hahahaha! -Tedd
  6. Hello Forum

    hi LimA, "Was South East Asia invented? If so, how are our destinies affected?" No comment on this one. Too big of a topic for me to digest... Sorry! Though the whole topic of regions and countries separation makes me think about what the astronout realize when they see earth from outer space and not observe any line separating regions. Regarding influence from the past. It is also a grey line, which country is absolutely 'clear' from influence of the past? We all live in the corpse of our culture. Re: The second portion... I don't see a conflict between the destiny saying and the last image... Providing one is not attached to one's own definition of what one's destiny should be and that one cultivate sufficient contemplative ability to (1) perceive one's own tendency to hang on, and (2) the will/discipline to let go of that tendency.
  7. Hello Forum

    The white rabit candy definitely brings back memory!
  8. Hello Forum

    Greetings. I spent first half of my life in SE Asia, and second half of my life in Canada. Daoism and Buddhism has been major topics in my upbringings. I have basic proficiency (can speak but cannot read/write) in Mandarin. I am interested in finding english literature about daoism, particularly in gua (nei gua, wai gua), and meditation. Thank you!