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    Hello Everyone, just discovered this website and am looking for feedback. I recently visited a qigong master visiting Santa Cruz, CA from China. A friend invited me to meet this amazing healer, trained in Chinese Medicine, chiropractic and qigong. During my session he felt my pulse and said I was deficient in lung and kidney chi. True enough. Symptoms corroborate this diagnosis. He has very good diagnostic skills. Then, through a translator he said it would cost $3,000 for several treatments to adjust this imbalance. My friend was there and told me this was the lowest the master/doctor had quoted anyone. Wow! I feel that people with amazing healing powers should be more available to the masses.....but, anyway, I said okay. He took medicine/herb balls out of his drawer - which my friend told me were infused with The Master's chi for several weeks. I ate one. Tasted like chinese herbs, actually liked it, then he gave me another. Then, time for the Qi therapy. He went into the bathroom, closed the door, came out with a small wet towel, wiped each of my feet and activated an accupuncture point with his finger, then asked me to stand on the wet towel. He then held my left hand, made some gesture with his left hand over his right bicep, and sent the energy into my left hand. It felt like an electric current. He made it stronger and weaker. At times it was very intense and painful. Then he worked on various meridians/points by directly touching my skin. My friends are really into this guy, but I keep thinking it is some sort of trick. They claim that "someone" asked The Master if this was a trick and he took off his clothes to show that there wasn't any electric gadget on his body. But why the wet towel? And, why is it necessary to touch the body? I've had energy work done in India, and no one touched me and I could still feel a tingly warm energy. I haven't paid the guy, and I a inclined not to, though I have seen him five days in a row. I don't feel any better than before starting treatments. He said that I am starting to clear, but that I am not there yet. Would appreciate anyone's experience with this sort of energy work. Thanks!