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    The point I'm really trying to push is that everyone should be using these techs so their cult isn't the only group with that SPECIFIC energy intake
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    "I adhere to no god but myself, but I use a christain egregore (enochian) to do my dirty work, and revere this egeregore as god" "We don't mix streams" These two lines of thought do not coalesce well.
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    SOTG literally used the most powerful techniques he could dig out of the ether to build a mechanic succubus with people. "Everyone else is a vampire but cultivate 24/7." stupid things destined to cause blockages/friction/flux/power. Weaponized/redirected serpent energy. I acted as a Stargate to disrupt it, and he started a new forum. His technology belongs to and should be used by everyone, despite what he says. He and his dogs should be here building, and not intentionally trying to crack open earth or separate from the rest of humans.
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    LMP is primary source code masquerading as a single man's creation. Remove the cult (egeregore/pacifier), keep the technology.
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    thank you. The issue is not the LMP technology (the actual technology is very powerful), it is the environment of the temple/egregore. pieces continue to come to me quickly though and I have made sense of most of this.
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    I was involved in LMP for a while, up until a few weeks ago. I had taken acid several times in between cultivating which opened many doors. This is one of the reasons I was kicked out as well. i was told recently that I was the closest to break through Earth's "shield",not in a good way, and that I channeled a lot of lonemanpai's evil energy into the planet. I'm still dealing with the repurcussions. I still use the LMP techniques, but separate myself from the group. I feel extremely lost spiritually and mentally right now, and I am at a point where the gates between world's CAN open very quickly for me. I get the impression a lot that I am ruining other people's energies. I want to begin working chakras in addition with qigong techniques. I need some help, honestly.
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    I've been playing in the sonofthegods/the lonemanpai machine for some months now. I was banned after posting a technique. If you'd like to see my legacy there, it's accessable under yungbaja and Baja. Get ready my boys.