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  1. Taoist Temples?

    Hi Is there such thing as a Taoist temple? if so, how and where can I find it? (I live in New Zealand) Thank you
  2. Hello I am a new :)

    Hi all I am very happy to be here but I am full of questions and doubts. I was hoping someone can help me on this journey. 1) Where should I start? 2) How do I cultivate Jing, chi and shen? 3) Do I have to be celibate? 4) If I am sexually active, can I still conserve my Jing? How? 5) Where do I find a Master to learn from? Does it has to be in person or can it be online? 6) I live in New Zealand, anyone here as well? As you can see I am very lost, any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you