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  1. Connecting with Deities

    Yes on Shiva... I prefer the term “unfuckablewith”.. if I may be so bold 😁
  2. Connecting with Deities

    Shiva has been a strong merge for me typically. Feel it in a way that changes my breathing pattern, and makes me feel like I’m larger than life. Have also experimented with others. Some with strong reactions, some not. Though strongest impact for me happened years again before I had ever even heard of energy centers or would have considered merging with beings an option.. my brother has just passed away a few hours prior and I was in a very bad emotional place. Trying to fall asleep, I kept seeing him dying and it would shake me up again. In the middle of one of these shake up moments, I felt something enter through my crown, travel down my body and exit through my feet. Lasted a split second, if that. But was completely “wiped clean” of emotion or troubles. Laughed and fell asleep. 😊 Again was a long time ago and was shocked by it, not sure who it was, but knew it was someone/something higher than me.
  3. Connecting with Deities

    Jumping on this thread late... had a recent encounter with Jesus. Typically when I’ve tried connecting with him, I haven’t felt anything at all. Maybe some extra space but even that I felt was a stretch of my mind perhaps. The last time however, I felt a surge of energy and as I sat with it, I began seeing hands which I felt represented mine as well as jesus’ somehow. First I felt/saw the stigma on my hands. No pain, more just sensations. And later felt/saw my hands full of light and reaching out to touch others. Like touching was a transmission of the light. 😊
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    Thank you cold 😊
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    Thank you Karen ❤️
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    Thank you, Siva 😊
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    Hello to all This forum was recommended by some friends. Happy to come along for the ride and read some discussions. Thanks for having me 😊