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  1. Only, if you actually have a real life.
  2. I know! I only come here a couple of times a week. Unlike you, I apparently have a real life.
  3. GSmaster

    Oops! I think I hit a nerve
  4. GSmaster

    Use original dao's search engine, it is a big toilet.
  5. GSmaster

    Again, everyone go to original dao and put gsmaster in the search engine. Quite the education! I never realized how extreme rightwing you are starjumper and how buddy-buddy you are with GS, until I cruised around original dao for awhile. Everyone can check it all out for themselves.
  6. GSmaster

    I invite everyone to visit Original Dao and put gsmaster into their search engine. You will be able to connect the dots pretty quickly!
  7. GSmaster

    GSmaster is working with several members of Original Dao; some of whom were been banned from TDB. Their purpose is to destroy the TDB forum.
  8. Finding a master or school

    So you say online schools are far superior to traditional schools with a long lineage. You are a laugh a minute.
  9. TDB Infested by imbeciles. Beware.

    I was responding to GSmaster and not you. What would make you respond in such a way?
  10. TDB Infested by imbeciles. Beware.

    and you should be named punk ass
  11. How would you know? You are obviously the opposite of a healer.
  12. Super sleep

    We all? LOL
  13. Dao Bums Trolls are a Virus here, alike to Covid

    Easy enough! Go to members pages, all members are there. Count them. Anyone here can do it. There are exactly 2003. Like everything else you do you just make stuff up. Even after telling you the exact membership, you still make up phony numbers to try and show that you know something. Anyone here can look up what I just said. Your fraudulence has been proven.
  14. Super sleep

    Evil but vapid, empty vessel. I know you in the real world. That is what makes this so fun!
  15. TDB Infested by imbeciles. Beware.

    What are the forums and places you have been to. What is your lineage, and chaos.give names of people who can be verified. So far you have been a vapid, empty vessel of lies, delusion and chaos. You self gratify yourself at the expense of others you are the classic example of an energy vampire.