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  1. Rock Sphere in lower dantian

    Not sure what you are talking about...
  2. Rock Sphere in lower dantian

    Hey everyone hope all is well. I hope I'm posting this in the right thread but I was have came across a few different sources of information about practitioners that develop this rock like sphere of energy in their lower dantian after years of practice. From my knowledge this is when the actual yin and yang of the bodies energies connect and you are then able to cultivate this energy in a sphere that you can manipulate. It stays in the stomach region but can be moved up and down and side to side. Would anyone happen to have any information or maybe has experienced anything like this? That is was I think is our battery pack, we just have to learn how to connect every wire to that battery for it become the whole sphere and rock hard.
  3. Introduction

    Haha yeah I figure it can be a little touchy talking about his figure. Well I'm excited to be a part of this journey! I would like to learn and provide as much I can with everyone in here! I was wondering where the mo-pai teacher chart is? I can across it earlier in the year but I can't seem to find it anymore..maybe someone has a link of was basically a Lineages of the teachers or where people think mo-pai was passed down from..thank you everyone
  4. Introduction

    Hey Everyone, Just want to introduce my self. I want to provide has much knowledge and help that I can in this forum. I have been studying John Chang (Dynamo Jack) since I've first came across the ring of fire video documentary. Maybe around early 2012 or before. I had no idea what my eyes were seeing but I knew we as humans always had more potential than meets the eye. This journey has led me to study many religions and self help books. Along with that I've been accomplishing things that I had always wanted to as a kid such as martial arts and fitness. With this I've learned how to harness internal energy. I've been cultivating my inner essence for more than 4 years now. While it is not perfect I make further and further progressions each year within my health, fitness, and internal cultivation. I would like to start daily meditation to harness more of my Yin chi in the future. This is where I think I need to grow more. I want to learn from everyone in here and also give as much feedback as i can. I've seen this forum and came across it about a year ago but have finally decided to make an account and be active.