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  1. Cutting the root of desire

    ★★ What Is "Treasury of True Dharma Eye"? ___________________________________________ ◆ Chan Master Yumen Wenyan, the Dharma heir of Xuefeng Yicun, expounded on the marrow of the Suddenness Chan: ● A monk asked Yumen,“What is the Treasury of True Dharma Eye?”Yumen said,“It pervades everywhere!” ● A monk asked Yumen,“What is Each-and-Every-Dust Samadhi?”Yumen said,“Rice in the bowl, water in the bucket.” (《Discourse Record of Chan Master Yumen Wenyan》) ▲ In his〈Song of Enlightenment〉, Chan Master Yongjia Xuanjue said,“The true nature of ignorance is Buddha-nature; The illusory empty body is itself the Dharma Body. After realizing the Dharma Body, there is not a single thing; The intrinsic self-nature is the innate buddha.” It clearly pointed out that the Treasury of True Dharma Eye is the self-nature, or true nature, or Buddha-nature, or the nature of emptiness, and it pervades everywhere ― All sentient beings in the universe have inherent great mind-capacity that“the self-nature can embrace all things, and all things are within the self-nature.” Therefore, Master Yumen used“It pervades everywhere!”to respond to the question“What is the Treasury of True Dharma Eye?”. In the《Avatamsaka Sutra》, Sakyamuni Buddha preached about “Each-and-Every-Dust Samadhi” as follows:“Entry into samadhi in each dust accomplishes all samadhis within every dust; yet there is no increasing in that one dust which universally manifests inconceivable worlds.” Once upon a time, there was a monk who asked Chan Master Yumen about “What is Each-and-Every-Dust Samadhi?” While straightly responding with “Rice in the bowl, water in the bucket,” Master Yumen obviously gave a direct pointing at the marrow of Suddenness Chan that it is the Dharma Realm of the One Reality in which there is non-interference among all phenomena. Chan practitioners, who have ultimate and complete realization in “patient rest in non-arising,” have just now directly actualized the realms of all Buddhas regarding non-arising & manifestation and effortlessness & spontaneousness, together with having penetrated into all dharmas and having ascended the rank of Buddhahood at the right moment. ▲ All Chan/Zen fellow-practitioners ! ―→ ● Once directly let go of self-centered attachment and perfectly tame the habit of self-centeredness, at the very moment you are able to realize the Chan realm of“All things are not apart from self-nature; the self-nature can manifest all things.”‧― non-interference among all phenomena, or non-interference among phenomena and noumena. ―→ ● You merely become an ordinary being, respond to the ordinary matters and live the ordinary life with straightforward mind, or ordinary mind, or mind of pure awareness of self-nature. Then, at the right moment you are the ordinary person of the Way with nothing to do, and the ordinary leisure-fellow of effortlessness. 🙏❤🙏💛🙏💜🙏 ____________________________________________
  2. Mind only

    ★★ Suddenness Chan : No Mind, No Things; No Action, No Effort! ____________________________________________ ◆ Chan Master Linji Yixuan, the Dharma heir of Huangbo Xiyuan, expounded the Dharma gate of the mind ground of Suddenness Chan: “Chan Master Linji addressed the assembly, saying, ‘Followers of the Way, as to the Chan Dharma (Buddhadharma), effortlessness is necessary. You only have to be with ordinary mind, and with nothing to do except defecating, urinating, wearing clothes, eating food, and lying down when tired. Fools laugh at me, but the wise actualize. The ancient worthy said that those who seek outward are just a bunch of ignorant persons. Therefore, just be your own master of every situation, and the very standing place itself is the true reality. No matter what circumstances come they cannot turn you around. Even though there are past habitual patterns and five uninterrupted karmas, these of themselves are the ocean of emancipation.’” (The Discourse Record of Chan Master Linji Huizhao) ▲ Chan Master Linji Yixuan obviously and directly points at the Chan Dharma that it is only of no mind and no things, and of no action and no effort. That is to say, in ordinary daily activities, no matter in wearing clothes and eating food, cleaning and sweeping, carrying water and moving wood, working and exercising, bathing and defecating, resting and sleeping, etc., Chan practitioners merely have to live their ordinary pure life with the ordinary mind (mind of non-abiding awareness), then they are able to be their own masters at any time and in any place, and at every right moment suddenly see into the reality of all things. Even more they will become the host among hosts, and are always compatible with reality of the Dharma Realm of One Reality. Thus, situations occurred cannot turn the already manifested pure mind around. Furthermore, even if there are such matters as habits of ignorance and karmas without beginning, these essentially are the wisdom-ocean of great enlightenment with great emancipation and great freedom. ▲ A monk asked Dazhu Huihai, ‘Do you still have [effortless] effort on the Way?’ Dazhu said, ‘Yes, I do.’ The monk asked, ‘How to have [effortless] effort?’ Dazhu said, ‘Eat when you are hungry and sleep when you are tired.’ The monk asked, ‘Does this mean every person is always practicing the same way as the Master?’ Dazhu said, ‘It's not the same.’ The monk asked, ‘Why it's different?’ Dazhu replied, ‘When people eat, they are unwilling to eat their fill and have hundreds of deluded thoughts. When people sleep, they are unwilling to take their fill of rest and have thousands of discriminations. Therefore, this is the main difference.’ ―→ All sentient beings' mind have been defiled for a long time, and their deluded thinking and attachments are impossible to be put into full rest; thus, they cannot eat one-mindedly without all kinds of deluded thoughts while eating, and also cannot sleep one-mindedly without all sorts of discriminations while sleeping. Therefore, they have been in vexation for a long time, have been confused with inverted views, and have turned their backs on awakening and turned around to embrace the illusory sense-dusts, so as to have been wallowing in birth and death in the ocean of suffering. Chan practitioners merely need to directly harmonize with the ordinary mind of non-abiding awareness, and remain unchanging throughout the day. Meanwhile, there is no need to put forth mind power and be diligent, let alone act with effort and be pretentious. Therefore, it is said that to have an insight into the Mind and see into the self-nature, and to attain sudden enlightenment and become a Buddha is the easiest, most natural task. It is something lies in you yourself without seeking outward. ▲ All Chan/Zen fellow-practitioners ! ―→ ●“As to the Chan Dharma, effortlessness is necessary.”→ No things in mind, no mind in things ! ―→ ● “Chan does not need cultivation, but only not to defile it.”→ Ordinary mind (mind of non-abiding awareness) is Chan ! ―→ ●“To have an insight into the Mind and see into the self-nature, and to attain sudden enlightenment and become a Buddha is the easiest, most natural task.”→ Just take good care of your own intrinsically sufficient spiritual treasury ! 🙏❤🙏💛🙏💜🙏 ____________________________________________
  3. What is Non-duality?

    Since when is non duality Hindu? Or Buddhist? Or whatever? Seems all those terms allow a wide variety of definitions
  4. What is Non-duality?

    🌕 “Ordinary Mind is the Way (Chan/Zen)” ! ―→ The very moment of the ordinary mind is just the genuine Way (Chan/Zen)! ☀ The genuine Way (Chan/Zen) is of no action, no seeking, no attainment, no effort, or further of no knowing and no no-knowing. ☀ The ordinary mind is just no mind, and that is the mind in the least without the self-centered discrimination and attachment, but is solely the mind of great wisdom of no-self and great compassion of impartiality. ☀ It is just then able to realize "the realm of Chan/Zen (the Way)" just-suited to that mentioned in the verse of Chan Master Wumen Huikai. 🙏❤🙏💛🙏💜🙏 _____________________________________________
  5. Haiku Chain

    Let sleeping dogs lie Chasing rabbits in their dreams Ignorance is bliss
  6. What is Non-duality?

    Yes, you are always in the natural state by definition. But without awareness you don't know it. The kingdom of heaven (pure land) is within. That's pure advaita Vedanta
  7. What is Immortality?

    The concept of immortality In Taoism as in Tibetan bon and shamanism in general and some indiginous animistic religions, is to be seen in the historical context. It is outdated since Upanishads became public at the event of Buddhism. In other words, once the body/mind is transcended, the eternal breath flows freely without in/exhalation, the mind opens up like a flower/pine cone, the top knot broken, the essence released, there is nobody to practice immortality. What is it? Brimming energy plasma, empty boundless space, eternal peace, luminous awareness??? you name it
  8. What is Immortality?

    Not to be misunderstood, How can in a state of no thought, no desire the thought/desire of immortality arise? Thanx
  9. What is Immortality?

    Ok, so second birth, spiritual embryo is not enlightened. Maybe if it happens suddenly you find all just words/concepts. Where are the true immortals teaching immortality beyond singularity? Maybe dreams within dreams. Flowers in the sky. And nobody to give a f#&k
  10. What is Non-duality?

    It is there, the presence that knows the quiet mind. It is simply you.
  11. Zen

    ★★ Chan Life : Living Daily Life with Ordinary Mind & Grateful Mind ____________________________________________ ◆ Both favorable and unfavorable circumstances are causes and conditions of enhancement; Chan/Zen practitioners should treat them with ordinary mind and grateful mind. ▲ An ordinary mind is a mind of non-abiding awareness ― the function of prajna wisdom arises without abiding in anything; which is not knowledge, views, or experiences, but a living attitude that transcends the self-centeredness. Therefore, to treat favorable and unfavorable circumstances with ordinary mind of utmost freedom and liberation is to have Chan life of true peace, harmony, altruism, and happiness. ▲ In fact, Chan/Zen practitioners should view everything in the world with mind of gratitude. We should be grateful to those who favor positive circumstances to us as well as those who create unfavorable circumstances for us. We are grateful to the former people because they provide us opportunities to deepen our mind-training; we are grateful to the latter people because dealing with adversity make us earnest and persevering practitioners. When we have a genuine mind of gratitude to all beings without discrimination and attachment, our self-centeredness will take a full rest. 🙏❤🙏💛🙏💜🙏 _____________________________________________
  12. Zen

    In the state of unlimited, eternal self luminous space (rigpa) all is floating by. Including rainbow bodies, mummies, Bodhisattvas, god's, spirits, views and opinions. Fair play Milarepa plucking flowers in the sky
  13. Zen

    Aye, smartass question: who is the smoker???😀😀
  14. Zen

    So Bodhidharma left ONE sandal behind. That says it all. The true, original, Zen, bodhi, Buddha-mind is the ordinary mind functioning through wisdom(non-self) and compassion (all is one) Let's not forget to look at the social political aspect of religion/spirituality.Tibet was a feudal system as was China/Japan The simple truth is not to be served to the masses. They are given explanations)elaborations) complications) to obstruct reality
  15. What is Non-duality?

    No, they would have a break down not a break through. Many examples. The Buddha himself. Many others, meditated, practiced, cultivated, untill they exhausted the mind and let go