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  1. lot of tears?

    Thank you all for your posts. Michael Buble video brought me a smile, although I did not listen to it.. I was analyzing my crying urge for some time but I have no clear answer why is it so strong (except meditation). The triggers are more or less always the same, characters in the show made act(s) of self-sacrifice or they all survived and lived happily ever after or something similar. But previously I did not cry, I maybe had "moist" eyes. But now, it is every time "cry me a river".. I was hoping to hear that somebody had similar experience and have managed to reduce the intensity (this is what I would like to do) of this emotions. I am aware that tears could be cleansing and helpful as many people told me, but as my reactions are happening for more than 3 years, I was hoping to overcome it already and stop crying on every show / movie I watch (there is no way that I will go to cinema..). Anyway, it is not terrible problem, surely people daily suffer much more (and if I can help to anybody to reduce suffering, I will gladly do it) but it would be nice to see some changes in this "problem2 of mine after such long time. Thnx everybody.
  2. lot of tears?

    I have a question about emotional state. In last couple of years, I am very emotional when watching any movies / shows. What I mean is: I cry at almost every show / movie I watch (last was episode of NCIS which, you must admit, is not THAT emotionally strong). I think I do understand the reason of my emotions and I am almost pretty sure it is happening because of meditation, but I am surprised by the force behind it which makes me cry (usually my facial expression is unchanged, but the tears are just streaming down my face). It is not something that is causing me lot of problems, but I just wonder if anybody has same / similar experience and if some progress could be done. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hello to all

    Hello to everybody. I am 48 years old Taiji practitioner for more than 15 years and I meditate more than 10 years (mostly Mantak Chia texts, but also others..) There is lot of info on this site and I will surely enjoy it. Hope I can also share some of my experience.