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  1. Hello, Thanks and brief info

    ha haha and my favorite is
  2. Hello, Thanks and brief info

    Hi Marblehead, I checked Bob Newhart from youtube and found a resemblance in me with his serious funny style :)) Thank you for letting me know of him!
  3. Hello, Thanks and brief info

    Hello all! Thank you for allowing me to participate in this environment where at first glance I see genuine people with humor and experience. I am interested in Tai Chi, chikung, yoga and all kinds of martial arts at a reader level. I am a retired accountant and live in a small village where people here are far from these concepts. So I stand alone here with my books and youtube videos (esp. Mantak Chia) of Tai Chi masters. I have three dogs and a cat as my family and since I cannot leave them behind, I could not go to China for a long term Kung Fu education of at least one or two years. Some day I will visit the mountains and until then I need to improve my concentration skills. Looking forward to participate in discussions and learn from experienced members.