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  1. Proper Meditation Practices

    Thank you Marblehead. I have explained it as the clearing away of attatchments. I am finding my "Golden Mean" of maintaining a healthy relationship and a balanced lifestyle while also cultivating emptiness. Everything always finds it's proper harmony.
  2. Proper Meditation Practices

    Hello all, I am requesting information on proper mediation practices. I have seen in a post here that there are warnings against Mantak Chia's methods. If anyone can share with me what those specific concerns are with his work that would be greatly appreciated. I have read Healing LIght of the Tao. However, since reading Tao and Longevity Mind Body Transformation Huai-Chin Nan. My take on Mantak Chia's work is that he puts far too much emphasis on mentally circulating chi through from the LDT up the Governor channel (Tui Mai) and from there mentally sending it down the Functional chanel (Jen Mai). From my understanding of Tao and Longevity, I have gathered that what is most important cultivating stillness of mind and feeling and cultivating virtues. It is through these practices that the channels will open naturally. And in fact placing too much mental focus on the LDT area or "breathing chi into organs" can actually be harmful. I have been practicing lower abdominal breathing for about 7 years. I am familiar with stillness meditations and have been practicing off and on also for 7 years. The past week I have been practicing stillness. There will be long spaces between thoughts and a very open still clear state that is cultivated. However, my partner notices that when I am cultivating stillness of thought and feeling she perceives it as I am "cold" or "dead like" when normally she feels me very warm. Does anyone have any insight on this? Thank you all, Aaron
  3. Hiyo

    Thank you both for the warm welcome.
  4. Hiyo

    Hello everybody, I have been studying Montak Chia's work Healing Light of the Tao and have been practicing the microcosmic orbit meditation for a few months now. It has kicked up many emotional blockages and has been quite an intense journey so far. I am looking forward to going deeper into the Tao. I have begun reading The Secret of the Golden Flower and will continue reading the classic texts. Here i am most interested in finding more information on different Tao lineages and systems as well as seeing others practice journals. Nice to meet all of you, Aaron