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  1. Golden Flower Meditation

    Hey everyone! I was able to find a copy of the Yi Jo Wi Xi whatever book, and I've already read the part where it talks about the golden flower. It just doesn't seem like there's a place where he mentions the backwards circulation method directly, that's rather strange! I'll read it again, maybe I missed it. I think there was a part about the microcosmic orbit, but nothing to straight about it.
  2. Golden Flower Meditation

    Could you expand please on the correct way of doing it? Because Semple's method is that you need to do this inhalation exhalation daily (100 days) until you feel a breath of energy in the stomach that his the character of direction. AND THEN you start the backwards method by asking it to change directions. This way succeeded for him in awakening Kundalini. Do you have experience in the Golden Flower meditation yourself?
  3. Golden Flower Meditation

    As for Golden Flower Meditation, as suggested by J.J. Semple, you do it at the beginning by the 4:4:4:4 diaphragmatic breathing activity, breathing in, holding it, breathing out, holding it, doing for 100 days, and then you start the backwards circular movement. However, what I found in one book (Taoist Meditation) translated by Thomas Cleary: "Some concentrate attention on the breathing, like pumping a bellows. Some focus their minds on counting breaths, trying to take energy in without letting it out. There are a number of such patterns. They can cause dizziness, deafness, reddening of the eyes, distention of the abdomen, pain in the tendons and bones, mental fogginess, nocturnal emissions, and ocher symptoms." p.125 So I'm confused now, is it meant that the J.J. Semple method is bad for you? Anyone tried it? Please help if you have experience or knowledge, and I would be very thankful.
  4. Year-long practitioner

    Cold I haven't been holding a job, so I think I'll stop it till I wake up daily at a fixed time.
  5. Year-long practitioner

    Rakiel Are there any special ways other than retention period that I would measure that by?
  6. Year-long practitioner

    Hello I've started practicing the Golden Flower meditation for a year now. I havent been practicing at a regular time, one day at 6 am and the next at 4 pm and so on. No results! I dont know whether it's non-regular time, or short period (15 minutes) or wrong technique (breathe in, take it up the spine, breathe in, circulate it down). Would it be a better idea to practice circulating the light all day long or as much as possible, dven when not sitting in meditation? Please help.. Thanks