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  1. Daoist "energies" de, qi, ...

    It happened to me couple of times, I was reading a book or an article that should have helped me to understand things, but after a few pages I've stopped with: Hey, this is what Laozi wrote in 10 words and even much cleaner way. So I'm better opening daodejing again and again and finding new things inside. + other "classics", of course. Additionally, it makes more sense to me to understand a bit thinking of the shamanic pre-daoist era to find out where Laozi came from, than studying "modern" texts. There are interesting discussions in forums linked by you, but I haven't found any, where my thought would be helpful, yet... Neiye really brought a bit more light to the overall picture. Thank you for pointing on that.
  2. Daoist "energies" de, qi, ...

    Thank you @Nintendao for the link to the Ivanhoe's article. It's what I was originally asking for. I've just quickly scrolled through the article, it looks interesting. But much more valuable is the warning mentioned by you and @virtue . Instead of reading all the sources mentioned in the article, I'll do my best to live and feel what I've understood previously + what's mentioned here. I think I have a very nice starting point now.
  3. Hello, Is there a nice book/article describing a bit deeper "energies" de and qi, how are those related to ching for example? I have a general idea, understood by reading Dao De Jing, and it's comments, but I'm sure somebody described those more in a detail.
  4. drunken eight immortal gong fu?

    Some of you knows about a Daoist path of Eight Drunken Immortals (or generally a drunken boxing) online course / book / video which is worth studying?
  5. Hello

    Hello all, I'm practicing taiji and qigong for cca 20 years -- OK, not really continuously. I've tried some schools, read few books and I'm slowly putting together what is behind (dao philosophy, working with energy, applications). I hope, this place will help me to find the right path. maaca