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  1. Hello to Dao Bums

    Sounds good to me! Thank you!
  2. Hello to Dao Bums

    OldSaint, I like your name by the way! I made a posting on page 263 of the Flying Phoenix Chi Kung group study.
  3. Hello to Dao Bums

    Hello Forum, Feeling blessed to partake in the quest of so many like-minded individuals. My name is Olga, a 30 year old female. I have been reading this forum for a few months, received insights and guidance to questions that have long been awaiting resolution. Now I've decided to register in order to participate in the "Flying Phoenix Chi Kung" discussion thread; something I've picked up recently hoping that this could become my path. My background is in: Christianity (Orthodox and Protestant), Vedic teachings and principles, Russian folklore, some Buddhism, some Taoism, reverence for traditional spiritual texts, lots of prayer (finding God in my heart, nature, great Saints), "Anastasia", Meditation, silent retreats, Falun Dafa, some Tai Chi, Sun-gazing, Flying Phoenix Chi Kung. Special appreciation to people like "Cihan" on this forum - you are a precious testimony that practice of qigong CAN be combined with humility, selflessness, and sincere generosity. Thank you all for your attention. Wish everyone the best on your spiritual journeys!