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  1. Is the Dao a religion?

    Some people consider daoism a religion. Some people consider it a philosophy and not a religion. What do you think, and why? What qualifies it as such, or disqualifies it as such, for you?
  2. Homosexuality in the tao

    Interesting question. Personally, I don't interpret the TTC as anything to do with homosexuality, but definitely to gender and gender roles. Not to allow oneself to be too masculine, or too feminine, and to choose a partner who complements – not too similar, not too different. Thoughts?
  3. Pets?

    Do you have any animals? (Especially ones that are named after your interest in the Dao?) Meet my rat fur kids- Tao and Chi (Tao = white; Chi = black) Tao is very relaxed, and will go limp in your arms for a cuddle. Chi is very restless and loves to zip around the cage to gently groom my fingers.
  4. Taoist Sites, Blogs and Links

    I just started one. Taojustis.tumblr.com
  5. New here!

    Hello. My name is Danielle. I identify with many Daoist principles (surely I'm not alone here, lol) and a stand-up comic on the autism spectrum. I am an Master of Social Work program incumbent (I graduate from my undergraduate school this spring). I joined this forum in hopes I'd have more people to talk to about Daoism. I am glad I found this place.